Selected images from INWAP's web camera. (More or less in chronological order)
See also the cat pictures: Murdock, Punkin, Kit-Kat.

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../                   [DIR]  The Amazing Chez Inwap Backyard Cam, current picture
ThreeCats.jpg         15.0K  Kit-Kat, Punkin, Murdock (left to right)
Murdock2.jpg          14.0K  Murdock wanting to check out the hole in the fence
ChimneyDSS.jpg        45.0K  Shadows from installing DSS satellite dish on the chimney
MurTail1.jpg          4.00K  Kit-Kat admires Murdock's plumy tail
ChrisWalk.jpg         8.00K  Chris bringing in onions from the garden
JoeBike.jpg           9.00K  Joe fixing bike
ThreeCats Murdock2 ChimneyDSS MurTail1 ChrisWalk JoeBike
JoeLaundry.jpg        20.0K  Laundry:  A Man's Job at Chez Inwap
JohnBbq.jpg           6.00K  John at barbecue
KitBelly.jpg          9.00K  Kit-Kat exposing her belly
KitKat1.jpg           22.0K  Kit-Kat rolling on the grass
KitKat2.jpg           25.0K  Kit-Kat facing camera
MurBug.jpg            19.0K  Murdock stalking a bug
JoeLaundry JohnBbq KitBelly KitKat1 KitKat2 MurBug
Murdock1.jpg          9.00K  Murdock: cat on a leash
PrinceJ2.jpg          23.0K  The prince says, "the audience is over"
PrinceJest.jpg        24.0K  The prince and the jester
SallyKit.jpg          14.0K  Kit-Kat rolling on the grass, asking Sally to pet her
PunMur2.jpg           22.0K  Punkin is so happy - she's not on her leash
JohnGarden.jpg        32.0K  Seeding the pepper farm
Murdock1 PrinceJ2 PrinceJest SallyKit PunMur2 JohnGarden
3cats1.jpg            11.0K  Kit-Kat, Punkin, Murdock (l to r)
Grazing.jpg           38.0K  The livestock are grazing on the back 40
Punkin1.jpg           17.0K  Punkin rolling around on warm concrete
3cats2.jpg            32.0K  Punkin, Murdock, Kit-Kat (front to rear)
MurTail2.jpg          22.0K  Murdock wants the world to see his magnificent tail
JoeKit.jpg            34.0K  Joe trying to convince Kit-Kat to come inside
WebCam.jpg            13.0K  WebCam self-portrait (reflection at right)
3cats1 Grazing Punkin1 3cats2 MurTail2 JoeKit WebCam
Dinner1.jpg           11.0K  Chris, Joe's aunt, John Sally, Joe's mom
LaundKit.jpg          13.0K  Kit-Kat beneath the laundry
LaundMur.jpg          14.0K  Murdock beneath the laundry
Murdock3.jpg          27.0K  Facing the morning sun
Scritch.jpg           20.0K  Scritch this cat!
PunkinRoll.jpg        5.00K  Punkin caught rolling around on the warm concrete.
JoeMow.jpg            12.0K  Dumping the clippings
Dinner1 LaundKit LaundMur Murdock3 Scritch PunkinRoll JoeMow
KitSpot.jpg           6.00K  Kit-Kat finds a warm spot on the lawn
Build1240.jpg         27.0K  12:40pm New fence being constructed
Build1300.jpg         28.0K  1:00pm Halfway done
Build1320.jpg         28.0K  1:20pm Almost done
Build1340.jpg         27.0K  1:40pm Neighbor does really good work
NF-Laund.jpg          25.0K  Laundry must be done, fence or not
KitSpot Build1240 Build1300 Build1320 Build1340 NF-Laund
NoFence.jpg           35.0K  Time to replace the fence
3cats3.jpg            33.0K  Three happy cats
MurSpot.jpg           30.0K  Murdock enjoys the warm spot
3cats4.jpg            30.0K  Murdock sniffing Punkin, Kit-Kat on the side
Hola.jpg              33.0K  Murdock says "Hello" to people at
guiar_com.txt         2.00K  E-mail from the webmaster at
TieDye1.jpg           30.0K  John and his colorful laundry
NoFence 3cats3 MurSpot 3cats4 Hola TieDye1
TieDye2.jpg           38.0K  Joe talks to Kit-Kat (not pictured) as other two look on
TieDye3.jpg           35.0K  Instead of taking it in, John puts on the dry laundry to wear
Sat_1150.jpg          26.0K  3 cats
JohnMow.jpg           37.0K  Time to whack the weeds into shape
TreeLook.jpg          36.0K  Everyone checks on the status of the lemon tree
2catstouch.jpg        35.0K  Murdock and Punkin allow their toes to touch
TieDye2 TieDye3 Sat_1150 JohnMow TreeLook 2catstouch
3cats5.jpg            35.0K  Scratch, stroll, roll
3cats6.jpg            36.0K  Everybody, outside!
Sat_0940.jpg          35.0K  2 cats
Flowers1.jpg          41.0K  The rain has produced some pretty yellow flowers
SolarKit.jpg          7.00K  The solar-powered Kit-Kat recharges her batteries
SunPurr.jpg           10.0K  Murdock called Joe outside.  Now he's purring.
3cats5 3cats6 Sat_0940 Flowers1 SolarKit SunPurr
KitRoll.jpg           8.00K  Stretch, roll around
Gardening.jpg         42.0K  Kit-Kat has done something funny.  To bad Joe blocks the view.
BrightWhite.jpg       39.0K  Murdock's blinding-white cat tum
98042226.jpg          30.0K  Ruffle this cat (and brush and comb)
KitRoll Gardening BrightWhite 98042226

98042227.jpg 6.00K Big, hansome cat 98042228.jpg 8.00K " " " 98042233.jpg 9.00K Heading for the lemon tree 98042234.jpg 6.00K " " "
98042227 98042228 98042233 98042234

04281627.jpg 37.0K Murdock gets himself tangled again. 04281632.jpg 37.0K Rest and relaxation 04281637.jpg 38.0K No, don't read, you must pet me! 04281642.jpg 37.0K Kit-Kat doesn't take "no" for an answer 04281647.jpg 37.0K The only way John can read is if he pets her at the same time 04281652.jpg 37.0K Sally looks over Murdock, but is distracted by Kit-Kat's cuteness
04281627 04281632 04281637 04281642 04281647 04281652
04281657.jpg          37.0K  Having a human on the lawn is much fun
04281702.jpg          37.0K  Punkin (orange blob, top center) has been neglected all this time
04281707.jpg          37.0K  Murdock says "roll over, play dead" and Punkin obliges.  (Kit-Kat is out of it)
05161059.jpg          31.0K  Joe performs two-handed petting
05171225.jpg          33.0K  Happy Murdock, getting brushed while outdoors
05171230.jpg          32.0K  It takes a lot of effort to get the loose fur off of the big fuzzy cat
04281657 04281702 04281707 05161059 05171225 05171230
05311915.jpg          32.0K  Murdock waits for the coals to be ready
06271855.jpg          30.0K  Murdock helps with the laundry
07030920.jpg          30.0K  Checking the fence
07031359.jpg          34.0K  Kit-Kat is not impressed by Joe's "Pinky and the Brain" t-shirt
07031920.jpg          31.0K  Murdock making sure that the fannish t-shirts are getting dry
07151955.jpg          28.0K  All three of them in the cat enclosure
05311915 06271855 07030920 07031359 07031920 07151955
09011342.jpg          30.0K  Chris does sewing and costume design as a hobby
09131020.jpg          28.0K  Murdock smells something by the lemon tree, Punkin contemplates the cat enclosure
09131030.jpg          29.0K  Murdock in the shade, Punkin with her back to the camera
Enclosure-here.jpg    36.0K  The cat enclosure, before it was taken down
Enclosure-gone.jpg    38.0K  The cat enclosure moved to Chez TyeDye
09011342 09131020 09131030 Enclosure-here Enclosure-gone

12161220.jpg 39.0K Murdock demands to be petted (color camera went to Chez TyeDye) 12161240.jpg 38.0K Contemplating the world on a bright sunny morning 01021250.jpg 40.0K Trimming the rose bush 01021255.jpg 39.0K Trimming the lemon tree 01031145.jpg 39.0K "This light is so bright" 01031150.jpg 42.0K Catching the sun before it moves off the concrete
12161220 12161240 01021250 01021255 01031145 01031150
01031300.jpg          39.0K  More tree inspection
01031305.jpg          37.0K  John untangling the Kit-Kat and Punkin leashes for the last time at this location
01031310.jpg          39.0K  Taking longer than expected
01031320.jpg          38.0K  Kit-Kat has two backyards now, her new one and this old one
01031325.jpg          38.0K  Striding purposfully ...
01031330.jpg          37.0K  ... to a spot in the sun
01031300 01031305 01031310 01031320 01031325 01031330

WarmFence.jpg 46.0K His nest NoRain1.jpg 52.0K Murdock in his favorite spot NoRain2.jpg 46.0K January is the rainy season, but not today RainyDay1.jpg 46.0K He insists on going out in spite of the rain RainyDay2.jpg 42.0K Happy to sit on a dry spot.
WarmFence NoRain1 NoRain2 RainyDay1 RainyDay2

SatWalk.jpg 55.0K Talking a walk on a warm Saturday afternoon in January SatPose.jpg 66.0K Completely unaffected by tomorrow's Super Bowl SatThrone.jpg 48.0K Murdock considers this futon chair to be his throne SatSleep.jpg 53.0K Asleep on his throne SunnyBench.jpg 58.0K The sun-worshiping bench CitrusZen.jpg 30.0K Zen and the art of citrus appreciation
SatWalk SatPose SatThrone SatSleep SunnyBench CitrusZen

Purple.jpg 50.0K Successful dye job BeforeWind.jpg 47.0K Before the big wind started up Blustery.jpg 47.0K Hunched down on a blustery day Easter1.jpg 49.0K Warm Sunday, for rolling around Easter2.jpg 47.0K Stop appreciating my handsomeness and untangle me Easter3.jpg 47.0K His command worked; he's got two people petting him now
Purple BeforeWind Blustery Easter1 Easter2 Easter3
RuffleMe.jpg          48.0K  Cat fur creates static when ruffled on a dry day
swings0.jpg           50.0K  Dismantling the swingset
swings1.jpg           48.0K  John gets the high crossbar
swings2.jpg           53.0K  Joe gets the other half
swings3.jpg           53.0K  Now the lower crossbars
swings4.jpg           55.0K  Digging up the concrete around the posts
RuffleMe swings0 swings1 swings2 swings3 swings4
swings5.jpg           53.0K  Murdock is nonplussed by the activity
swings6.jpg           53.0K  His highness loves to watch the peons work
swings7.jpg           54.0K  Staring intently at his subjects
swings8.jpg           53.0K  Working on the fourth pole; Murdock says "boring!"
swings9.jpg           47.0K  Fifth pole took all three of us
RollInSun.jpg         49.0K  Roll, roll, roll in the sun, sun, sun
swings5 swings6 swings7 swings8 swings9 RollInSun

Tiller1.jpg 52.0K A beautiful day to run a rototiller though the garden Tiller2.jpg 52.0K The supervisor and the laborer Tiller3.jpg 52.0K Strangler weed also does a darned good job at strangling the tiller Tiller4.jpg 30.0K Everybody look at the lemon tree
Tiller1 Tiller2 Tiller3 Tiller4

Saturday1.jpg 24.0K Yes, Murdock? Did you call for me? Saturday2.jpg 21.0K OK, I can read my newspaper and rub your belly at the same time. Saturday3.jpg 19.0K You certainly are a demanding puddy tat. Asparagus.jpg 51.0K Somebody's been flattening the asparagus Sphinx1.jpg 51.0K Looking enigmatic Sphinx2.jpg 50.0K Now for my other side
Saturday1 Saturday2 Saturday3 Asparagus Sphinx1 Sphinx2
MyChair.jpg           40.0K  No, you may not sit here - this is my chair.
Walking.jpg           13.0K  Up and about after having surgery.
EarlyMorn.jpg         52.0K  Morning sun worshiping.
Catnip1.jpg           67.0K  Murdock is very excited about his catnip.
Catnip2.jpg           61.0K  Until it gets to him.
Roll2.jpg             53.0K  Aren't I cute?
MyChair Walking EarlyMorn Catnip1 Catnip2 Roll2
Visit2cats.jpg        59.0K  Punkin comes for a visit, blocks Murdock from his spot.
Visit1cat.jpg         57.0K  Looking very regal after having convincing Punkin to leave.
HurraySun.jpg         50.0K  After no sun for 3 days, it is finally back.  Hurray!
Laundry2.jpg          48.0K  Murdock watches Sally take down the black t-shirts.
KitBin.jpg            50.0K  KitKat rolling around near the trash bin.
WhiteTum.jpg          47.0K  Blinding white cat tum (freshly shampooed kitty)
Visit2cats Visit1cat HurraySun Laundry2 KitBin WhiteTum

LemonSit.jpg 59.0K Sitting under the lemon tree LemonShade.jpg 61.0K Shifting to the shade LemonSleep.jpg 58.0K Getting sleepy ... LemonSnooze.jpg 61.0K ... zonked out CloverCorner.jpg 51.0K Winter clover almost conceal the mighty beast.
LemonSit LemonShade LemonSleep LemonSnooze CloverCorner

WinterLemon.jpg 65.0K Lemon tree in winter (December 13th) WinterSun1.jpg 59.0K Meditating under his lemon tree WinterSun2.jpg 59.0K Lean to the left, ... WinterSun3.jpg 59.0K ... Lean to the right, ... WinterSun4.jpg 50.0K ... Stand up, Sit down, Bright white light!
WinterLemon WinterSun1 WinterSun2 WinterSun3 WinterSun4

y2k-corner.jpg 58.0K First sunny day of Y2K; Murdock inspects his corner ... y2k-tree.jpg 50.0K ... and his lemon tree. LemonPrune.jpg 55.0K Pruning the tree before the winter rains start PeachLean.jpg 58.0K Leaning up against the new peach tree PeachTwig.jpg 44.0K He loves the peach twig FebRuffle.jpg 59.0K Murdock demands to be ruffled on this sunny February day
y2k-corner y2k-tree LemonPrune PeachLean PeachTwig FebRuffle
SniffGeranium.jpg     58.0K  Checking out his favorite bush
OutSun1.jpg           52.0K  Murdock demands that Joe come outside and enjoy the sun
OutSun2.jpg           52.0K  With the cat obstructing the paper, Joe pulls out another section
OutSun3.jpg           50.0K  Murdock detects the center of attention has shifted, relocates
OutSun4.jpg           52.0K  Tired of all the movement, Murdock plops down
PattySnooze.jpg       51.0K  Taking a snooze on St. Patrick's Day
SniffGeranium OutSun1 OutSun2 OutSun3 OutSun4 PattySnooze
Flora-Fauna.jpg       57.0K  Sleeping under lemon tree, ignoring the wildly growing rosebush and callalily
EasterMorn.jpg        49.0K  He demanded that I spend some quality time with him in the sun
TubInRain.jpg         56.0K  Hot tub in the rain
MintPunkin.jpg        44.0K  Minty-fresh Punkin; she loves to roll around in the mint
MintMurdock.jpg       44.0K  Murdock asserting his territorial imperative over the mint
MoreMint.jpg          65.0K  Back in the mint patch
Flora-Fauna EasterMorn TubInRain MintPunkin MintMurdock MoreMint
LawnDrink.jpg         55.0K  Sprinkler invades Murdock's favorite spot; he drinks from it
Contemplate1.jpg      48.0K  Contemplating on a quiet Saturday evening.
Contemplate2.jpg      54.0K  What do cats think about when they are meditating?
WildColors.jpg        61.0K  Colorful laundry.
LawnDrink Contemplate1 Contemplate2 WildColors

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See also the cat pictures: Murdock, Punkin, Kit-Kat.

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