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Each cat has its own page of pictures, and many pictures in the webcam gallery are of these cats.

* Murdock (the big, fuzzy cat)

20-Aug-2000: Murdock passed away. Please visit the memorial for His Furry Majesty.
Murdock Murdock was an orange and white alley cat with strong markings of the Maine Coon cat. He got up to 14 pounds in weight and was allowed outside only while on a leash. He was the master of all he surveyed, and he surveyed the back yard a lot. Murdock was named after Captain 'Howling Mad' Murdock on the A Team. Murdock owned Joe and Sally. Murdock was 14 years old (born on 9-Jul-86, died 20-Aug-00). He was one meter long when all stretched out (39.3 inches from tip of front paws to tip rear paws when lying on the floor and stretching).

cat in a capeHe wore a cape when we took him to science fiction conventions. (His adoring public was there; he received many comments.) He was very mellow; he wore a leash while riding in the car and liked to look at the lights on night drives.

[audio] I'm a big hungry cat.   -   [audio] Very loud purr.   -   More comments and pictures.

* Punkin (psycho kitty)

PunkinPunkin gets her name from the color of her fur. Red female ticked tabby cats are unusual. She owns Chris. She is wont to growl and purr at the same time, which earned her the title of 'psycho kitty'. (Even her normal "hello, I'm glad to see you" meow comes out sounding like an accusation.) She spends her time looking out the window and cussing at the birds (she is also part Siamese). One particular rocking chair belongs to her alone.

[audio] I hate claw trimming

* Kit-Kat (cat lump)

Kit-KatKit-Kat was a legacy from Chris's aunt. She was a 'tuxedo cat' (black and white) and looks a little bit like Socks, the White House cat. Kit-Kat decided to own John. She must have had a trauma to her larynx as a kitten, since she sounded like she had permanent laryngitis. A simple "feed me" meow came out like "come quick, Timmy has fallen down the well" - a low-volume but extremely urgent utterance. She also had very narrow hips, like a weasel, and her front toes are more like fingers. We think she's trying to evolve an opposable thumb; luckily, she was too stupid to know what to do with it. Assumed to have been 14 years old when she died 25-Mar-2001.

Her motto is 'I'm the Kit-Kat, gotta love me!'

[audio] Don't pick me up!

3 on tree

* The three of them together

The day Punkin and Murdock were first introduced, she was up on a high shelf when he came in. Murdock was sniffing all around; he could tell there was another cat in the room, but could not find it. Punkin looked down at him, deciding that this was a big dumb cat. Then Kit-Kat came along, and she did not want to play with the others. She did not like to be picked up. "No, sir, didn't like it." Therefore:
Murdock and Kit-Kat 3 cats on a bed

Sometimes they do get along OK. (They just hate to admit that they look cute.)
Murdock Ow-oo means "I want to go outside".
Punkin Merrrr is general-purpose grumpy noise.
Kit-Kat Mehhh! = "Feed me!" or "Pet me!" or "Don't pick me up!" or "Huh??"
Bathroom Habits
Murdock After an incredibly smelly cat poop, he ran away in abject terror.
Punkin Spends 5 minutes burying her waste. Fling, fling!
Kit-Kat After burying, carefully walked along edge of litter box to keep her toesies out of the sand.
Murdock Tufty toes and tufts stuck up from the top of his ears.
Punkin Plain, makes continuous noise during claw trimming.
Kit-Kat When walking on a soft surface, such as a bed, she spreads her toes far apart.
Murdock Liked his wet food in chunks. Actually, he just liked food and is not particular.
Punkin Likes her wet food broken into little tiny pieces and then molded loosely into a mound.
Kit-KatLiked her wet food mushed flat to coat the bottom of the bowl. But don't put crunchies in both bowls; she won't know which one to eat first, and sits there, confused. Stupid cat! (but adorable)
Weird food cravings
Murdock Pop Rocks
Punkin Cantalope
Kit-Kat (none that we knew of)
Kitty Treats
Murdock Loves "Cat Love"
Punkin Catnip!!!!!!!
Kit-Kat Loves "Pounce Tuna"

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