Our cat, Murdock, passed away at 7pm on Sunday, August 20th. He was 14 years old and had lived a full life. cat-cape.jpg AdoreMe.jpg HotTub05.jpg YardB03.jpg
Comments from people who knew Murdock.
Joe Smith
Fremont, CA USA
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Link: Murdock's page and pictures
This is set up so that anyone who knew Murdock could make comments.
Murdock's vet was saddened; Dr. Raj had known Murdock since he (the
doctor) was 15 years old.  Everyone at the American Animal Hospital
knew who Murdock was.
Signed on: Sunday, August 20th 2000 at 9:00PM PDT
Here are some pictures from a $29 Oregon Scientific Digital Camera. (They're not thumbnails; images from that camera are 160x120)
jul17-01.jpg jul17-02.jpg jul17-03.jpg jul17-06.jpg jul17-08.jpg jul17-09.jpg jul17-10.jpg aug18-01.jpg aug18-02.jpg aug18-03.jpg aug18-04.jpg aug18-05.jpg aug18-06.jpg

Vivs Laliberte
Troy, NY USA
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Link: http://www.rpi.edu/~lalibr
Never actually met the man, but he meant a great deal to some people
who mean a great deal to me, and as such, I morn his passing.
Wishing his family and friends remember the happy times!
Signed on: Sunday, August 20th 2000 at 11:10PM PDT

Mary Wu
Naperville IL USA
Referred-by: email from Sally
Murdock was 95% cat (there was that other 5% that allowed  humans to put
a leash on him).  He had all guests to inwap  convinced that it was his
sworn duty to empty all cereal  bowls from any leftover milk.
Murdock will be missed by many (and if he spoke he'd  reply "but of

 Out in the Catskill Mountains, fresh tuna just appears
 and people beg you for a chance to scratch behind your ears.
 The dogs are taught to honor cats as beautiful and holy
 and the birds are found right on the ground and the mice run
 very slowly.
 Garrison Keillor - Catskill Mountains
Signed on: Sunday, August 20th 2000 at 11:18PM PDT

Mark D. Baushke
Sunnyvale, CA USA
Referred-by: E-mail from Sally Smith
I have had the honor of knowing his Majesty Murdock for almost nine
years. He was nice enough to treat me, a mere human, almost as if
I were as good as a cat... at least once in a while. He did, of
course, need to put me in my place a few times just to make sure I
knew who was boss.

Murdock was a lot of fun both at home and when he let his people take
him to conventions. When at convention, he wore a stunning cape. The
only real problem was that he had to keep his people on a leash so
that they would pay proper attention to him when they were at these
conventions. If he had more time, I'm sure he would eventually have
trained them well enough not to need the leash, but he was always a
bit on the soft side and didn't want to see them get hurt since he
could not seem to train them properly.

Most of Murdock's early years were spent in residence at an
apartment at 38725 Lexington #247 in Fremont until he was able
to afford to move to a real house.

It took some doing to get his foolish people to make the big step
and he had to share his lodgings with two other cats and their two
people in addition to his own two people. Eventually, in his later
years he was able to afford to reduce the household staff to
just his own two humans, although he remained on close terms with
his former roommates and visited them on occasion when he let his
servants go on holiday.

His Majesty was fond of the good things in life and liked to let his
people play with toys as long as they remembered who was boss and
served good food when he wanted it. All guests were properly treated
and he made sure that the food they received was of the best quality
by taste testing it himself as often as he deemed necessary.

I'll miss Murdock. Even though I didn't spend as much time as his
people did with him, he was a good fellow.

Have a nice rest Murdock and know that you will be missed.
Signed on: Monday, August 21st 2000 at 12:10AM PDT

Jennifer Kirtley
Boston, MA USA
Referred-by: email from Sally
I hope he's enjoying the happy hunting grounds!  I'm sorry I didn't get
out there soon enough to scritch his ears myself, but I'll always
remember him.
Signed on: Monday, August 21st 2000 at 4:37AM PDT

Micki Duncan
San Jose, CA USA
Referred-by: note from Barbara
Well, Sir Murdock - my dad just happens to love big independent cats
so hunt him out and I'm sure he'll have some treats and lots of
scratchin' for you. Matthew will be sad that you've left us - you
were always so good about being patient when he insisted on hugging
you and pulling your whiskers.  

A Gentleman always seems to know when to leave, but the ones left
behind always seem to wish it wasn't so soon...


Signed on: Monday, August 21st 2000 at 11:47AM PDT

Chicago, IL USA
Referred-by: from HFM's devoted subjects
Link: Iron Age Pages
I am very sorry to hear of HFM's passing.  I know he was a dearly 
loved member of your household, and a general favorite among your 
Signed on: Monday, August 21st 2000 at 12:26PM PDT

Elizabeth Lear
Boston, MA USA
Referred-by: QLS
My deepest condolences to the humans left behind by HFM.  I've
had the opportunity to pet and scritch Murdock and I'm glad to
have contributed to his happiness in that small way.  I know his
life was long and good and he enjoyed it to the fullest, and his
humans gave him the best of everything.

Signed on: Monday, August 21st 2000 at 5:42PM PDT

Chris O'Halloran
Fremont, CA USA
Referred-by: directly from his mom and dad
Well, you know John and I will miss Murdock so much, and Punkin and 
Kit-Kat will in their way. After all we lived with his furry majesty 
for 5 years, and he treated us with all the respect he gave his real
people. (In other words, he demanded we feed him, pet him, feed him, 
let him out in the backyard, feed him.) No seriously, we thought of 
him as our adopted kitty and loved him much. We were very sad when 
Sally told us they had decided to let him go, but then, we knew how 
much his health had declined, so we knew it was for the best. Now, 
he's in kitty heaven, where its always warm and there a lots of bugs
to chase and the bluejays can't fly away fast enough.   
Signed on: Monday, August 21st 2000 at 5:51PM PDT

Bethany Wilson
Florence OR USA
Referred-by: from Sally
To Murdock

Although I never knew ya
I heard tell of your escapades.
I wish I coulda viewed ya
and patted your big ole haid.
Past Golden Gates and up to the Big House,
I'm sure you're now chasing the Big Mouse.
In life you were purrrdy and winsome,
Your passing we'll mourn and then some.
Here's to your long life so Royal
And to your owners so Loyal.

Bethany on the Beautiful Pacific Coast
      )(((()   )(((()   )(((()    

Signed on: Monday, August 21st 2000 at 9:10PM PDT

Pat Turner
Sacramento CA USA
Referred-by: from the Old Lady
As the owner of the garage that saw him little tiny furry wetness as 
part of the immortal "A Team litter" that wondrous summer, I was sad 
to see him in declining health these last months.  But Murdock my 
little furry nefoo, you have lots of fun company in the Summerland 
now; Athos of blessed memory; your grandsire Big Boy, the ugliest cat 
I have ever known; my dear Freckle (who still sees fit to visit me in 
the depths of night); Delilah, Mercedes, Snowball, Pansy I and II; 
and of course the others of the A Team.  Be at peace, furry one, and 
know that the humans in your life may some day fill the emptiness, 
but never, ever replace you in their hearts.

Auntie Elmyra
Signed on: Monday, August 28th 2000 at 5:39PM PDT

Cory Walker
Indiana USA
Referred-by: surfing the net for the name Murdock
I didn't know your Murdock and don't have a clue who anyone is on this 
page, but I think that is very nice of you all to be so caring for 
your cat.  My cat too was named for Capt. Murdock off of the A-Team.  
My cat was born August 6, 1983 and we bought him a month later in 
September.  I couldn't believe someone else had named their cat off of 
that show as well.  My cat is still alive and is a siameese 
(seal-point I believe).  I am sorry to hear of the loss of your 
Murdock.  I know I will be lost when something happens to mine.  
Signed on: Friday, November 24th 2000 at 9:20PM PST

Brent Fisher
Toledo OH USA
Referred-by: google
What a nice memorial. I currently have a black maine coon mix named 
Mr. Boo. He's going on 8 years old, and was diagnosed at birth with 
FIV. We could lose him at any time, but he is relatively healthy as 
long as we love him and keep him indoors. Still, you can tell he is 
aging quicker than normal, and that he's getting older with each 
passing year. I cherish all the joy he's brought us, and I embrace 
each time I get to see him (I'm at a college 30 mins away). He's been 
my buddy since I was 11 years old, and kept me sane all through high 
school. You could almost say he was my only friend then.
Signed on: Wednesday, January 9th 2002 at 8:11PM PST

steve mcdonald
allentown pa usa
@squee beast@aol.com
Referred-by: net
i never met your puss, but was touched by what ive seen here.  i have 
a cat called velvet balls,and he is 15 years old,we have been all 
over the country together,and i dread the day when he passes on. i 
used to think people who mourned pets were silly,but now i know why 
they do....thanx for giving murdoc a good life, may he rest in peace.
Signed on: Monday, March 18th 2002 at 11:45PM PST

maty Canada
Referred-by: surfing
Link: how people locater
The nice memorial. 
I currently have a white. I cherish all the joy he's brought us, and 
I embrace each time I get to see him (I'm at a college 30 mins 
away). I could almost say he was my only friend then.

Signed on: Thursday, May 16th 2002 at 1:29PM PST

kitten trumpinski-roberts
champaign, illinois u.s.a
kittent@uiuc.edu (kitten)
Referred-by: eion's webpage
dearest LB (lucky bitch)...

i am so sorry to hear of murdock's passing.

bright blessings to you and your family.


Signed on: Monday, October 13th 2003 at 8:50PM PST

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