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Chair2.jpg         40.0K  603x393  On the chair in front of the computer          20.0K  SPARC audio: "Don't pick me up!"
Chair1.jpg         6.00K  198x205  On a wooden chair
PickedUp.jpg       16.0K  310x280  Oh, no!  Somebody picked me up!
Chair2 Chair1 PickedUp

Beanbrain.jpg 42.0K 640x480 A cat of very little brain Beanbag.jpg 32.0K 640x480 A stuffed beanbag cat BlueBlanket.jpg 49.0K 857x442 Don't flash me with the camera; I'm trying to sleep KitHold1.jpg 41.0K 512x384 Holding on to the table, bracing against the medicine KitHold2.jpg 12.0K 292x231 Still holding on to the table BlackLump.jpg 36.0K 620x398 Sleeping with all the white parts tucked in
Beanbrain Beanbag BlueBlanket KitHold1 KitHold2 BlackLump

BalanceIt.jpg 44.0K 589x400 Balancing the checkbook (literally) NoReading.jpg 26.0K 508x319 No, you are not allowed to read the paper. Pet me! OnKeyboard.jpg 46.0K 583x395 Everyone laughs as John is forced to stop typing UnderShorts.jpg 44.0K 497x400 Lying under the "cow" shorts FeedMe.jpg 21.0K 336x304 My plate is empty. You must feed me now!
BalanceIt NoReading OnKeyboard UnderShorts FeedMe

Cute1.jpg 44.0K 512x384 I'm the cute one. You gotta pet me. Cute2.jpg 47.0K 512x384 Pet me, pet me, pet me!! Towel1.jpg 45.0K 512x384 Kit-Kat has taken over John's chair Towel2.jpg 46.0K 512x384 You woke me up just to take my picture? Towel3.jpg 44.0K 512x384 Kitty in stealth mode; all white bits hidden Kit-Kat.html 1.00K Chez Inwap Cats: Kit-Kat
Cute1 Cute2 Towel1 Towel2 Towel3

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