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DrinkTub.jpg         30.0K  Murdock reverted to his kitten habit of drinking from the tub
DrinkTub1.jpg        6.00K  ...
DrinkTub2.jpg        6.00K  ...
DrinkFountain.jpg    37.0K  We got him a cat fountain with charcoal filter from Hammacher-Schlemmer.
DrinkCloseup.jpg     31.0K  He really likes drinking from his water fountain
DrinkDone.jpg        47.0K  His feeding station
DrinkTub DrinkTub1 DrinkTub2 DrinkFountain DrinkCloseup DrinkDone

Stuffed1.jpg 8.00K With an incredible simulation Stuffed2.jpg 15.0K Me and my stand-in LaptopCase.jpg 12.0K It is a case. I must sit on it. CatShirt.jpg 16.0K Murdock matches mommy's t-shirt M-Bed2.jpg 25.0K Trying to sleep M-Bed3.jpg 33.0K Still trying to sleep WoodFloor.jpg 46.0K Yes, you may adore me
Stuffed1 Stuffed2 LaptopCase CatShirt M-Bed2 M-Bed3 WoodFloor
NotAmused.jpg        92.0K  We are Not Amused
PurPad.jpg           25.0K  On his "Mysterious Purr Pad(tm)"
PopRocks.jpg         34.0K  Eating Pop Rocks (really!) Note goofy expression.
Breakfast.jpg        20.0K  Helping daddy read the morning paper
NoPizza.jpg          33.0K  If I can't have pizza, no one can
PerchKing.jpg        19.0K  King of the window perch
NotAmused PurPad PopRocks Breakfast NoPizza PerchKing
PerchPose.jpg        30.0K  Big handsome kitty
Unexplored.jpg       25.0K  The cabinet where no cat has gone before
Vigil.jpg            39.0K  Watching over a sick mommy
Murdock.html         3.00K  HTML: Chez Inwap Cats: Murdock
Tree1sleep.jpg       37.0K  Asleep in the cat tree ...
Tree2sleep.jpg       57.0K  ... taking up all available space
Totem.jpg            30.0K  A couple of cute guys
PerchPose Unexplored Vigil Tree1sleep Tree2sleep Totem

BugWalk1.jpg 16.0K Window-walking toys - a yellow bug and a red bug BugWalk2.jpg 14.0K The yellow bug has stopped moving BugWalk3.jpg 14.0K Investigating the red bug - it's plastic
BugWalk1 BugWalk2 BugWalk3

MudPaws0.jpg 56.0K Paw-prints in the mud. Who made them? MudPaws1.jpg 43.0K He sees a mud puddle. Will he play with it? MudPaws2.jpg 44.0K Yes, Murdock baps it. Mud on the tufty toes. PayAttention.jpg 63.0K Stop surfing the web and pay attention to me! MurBlueRibbon.jpg 67.0K Fluffy cat, fresh from a bath at the vet
MudPaws0 MudPaws1 MudPaws2 PayAttention MurBlueRibbon

MurCaseUp.jpg 48.0K I am king-of-the-hill on this bookcase MurCaseLook.jpg 18.0K You are my subjects MurCaseDown.jpg 19.0K I think I want to get down now PearShapedCat.jpg 59.0K The manly, pear-shaped cat
MurCaseUp MurCaseLook MurCaseDown PearShapedCat 564.K Amiga IFF: ANIM of the morph Morph0.gif 2.00K Start with the manly, pear-shaped cat Morph1.gif 1.00K ... mostly cat shaped Morph2.gif 1.00K ... halfway there Morph3.gif 1.00K ... mostly like a juice bottle Morph4.gif 3.00K End with a glass bottle cat-cape.jpg 27.0K Cat in cape (circa 1990) AdoreMe.jpg 8.00K You may adore me Purr-30.wav 319.K 30 seconds of a very loud purr 45.0K SPARC audio, "I'm a big hungry cat"
MorphANIM Morph0 Morph1 Morph2 Morph3 Morph4 cat-cape AdoreMe
HotTub05 YardB03

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