6-Jan-2001: New female kitten joins Chez Inwap. (DOB: 10/10/00)
Named Naomi, from Niven's story "Patchwork Girl", because of her patchwork of colors.
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Kitten0.jpg 41.0K Moving too fast for autofocus Kitten1.jpg 54.0K Slows down long enough to eat Kitten2.jpg 53.0K Sally points out more food left in the bowl Kitten3.jpg 71.0K Don't bother me, I'm eating Kitten4.jpg 61.0K She moved herself into this pose
Kitten0 Kitten1 Kitten2 Kitten3 Kitten4

Kitten5.jpg 57.0K Looking regal Kitten6.jpg 48.0K Trying to push a Koosh-ball around Kitten7.jpg 31.0K Chasing the camera's dangling strap Kitten8.jpg 24.0K Contrasting nicely with the pink blanket Kitten9.jpg 48.0K Cameras do not bother me
Kitten5 Kitten6 Kitten7 Kitten8 Kitten9

StandUp1.jpg 51.0K Standing up on two legs like a prairie dog StandUp2.jpg 48.0K Getting ready to hop StandUp3.jpg 31.0K Very good balance for a four legged creature StandUp4.jpg 35.0K Bap, bap, bap! CouchPotato.jpg 27.0K Her favorite position for watching television
StandUp1 StandUp2 StandUp3 StandUp4 CouchPotato

Crinkle01.jpg 4.00K Returning Crinkle-Ball to the field of play Crinkle02.jpg 8.00K Every time it goes out-of-bounds, it gets brought back Crinkle03.jpg 12.0K Kitty soccer Crinkle04.jpg 26.0K Getting ready to pounce Crinkle05.jpg 73.0K Caught it
Crinkle01 Crinkle02 Crinkle03 Crinkle04 Crinkle05

Laser1.jpg 24.0K Chasing the laser pointer all around the living room Laser2.jpg 17.0K Watching laser pointer on the wall Laser3.jpg 12.0K Good exercise Shelf1.jpg 71.0K Little kitten amongst our media library Shelf2.jpg 64.0K She approves of the fleece lined cat hammock
Laser1 Laser2 Laser3 Shelf1 Shelf2

BagStrap1.jpg 34.0K Playing with a strap from a computer-expo booty bag BagStrap2.jpg 58.0K Another self-motivated toy CaughtOnCamera.jpg 60.0K Intently watching "Caught On Camera" show on TLC FanOfNiven.jpg 83.0K Naomi's favorite author: Larry Niven Toys.jpg 39.0K Naomi's toys: laser pointer, Cat Dancer, Crinkle Balls CnnHeadline.jpg 40.0K Fascinated by CNN Headline News CameraStrap.jpg 57.0K Again going for the camera strap
BagStrap1 BagStrap2 CaughtOnCamera FanOfNiven Toys CnnHeadline CameraStrap
RollEgg1.jpg          54.0K  Mary Wu sent Naomi a plastic egg
RollEgg2.jpg          29.0K  Fun to watch the egg spinning on its end
Sleep01.jpg           47.0K  Typical position, sleeping on one's head
Sleep02.jpg           30.0K  Didn't even wake up when first picture was taken
Squirming1.jpg        61.0K  Wild kitty, squirming and making noise
Squirming2.jpg        55.0K  Sanity returns (temporarily)
RollEgg1 RollEgg2 Sleep01 Sleep02 Squirming1 Squirming2

TreeTop.jpg 96.0K On top of the newly installed cat tree TreeMousie.jpg 58.0K It comes with a new wonderful toy TreeMouse1.jpg 42.0K One paw wrapped around for support, to better attack green mousie CrinkleMouse1.jpg 75.0K Presenting Crinkle-Ball to green mousie CrinkleMouse2.jpg 70.0K After presentation
TreeTop TreeMousie TreeMouse1 CrinkleMouse1 CrinkleMouse2

2Mouse0.jpg 33.0K Looking out, before going after green mousie on 2nd shelf 2Mouse1.jpg 25.0K Don't rush me, I'll get to it 2Mouse2.jpg 31.0K Contemplating distance to shelf 2Mouse3.jpg 53.0K Ready to push mousie off Sleep03.jpg 67.0K Tuckered out after all that effort Sleep04.jpg 57.0K You woke me up Harness1.jpg 17.0K First experience with the cat harness
2Mouse0 2Mouse1 2Mouse2 2Mouse3 Sleep03 Sleep04 Harness1
Harness2.jpg          26.0K  It does not affect her pursuit of Crinkle Ball
Harness3.jpg          11.0K  In the library again
Harness2 Harness3

Sleepy01.jpg 55.0K Naomi on the couch, trying to sleep Sleepy02.jpg 52.0K You're bothering me Sleepy03.jpg 54.0K Don't I look cute? Sleepy04.jpg 52.0K Cute Sleepy05.jpg 37.0K Cute Wild01.jpg 53.0K Good shot of the random color
Sleepy01 Sleepy02 Sleepy03 Sleepy04 Sleepy05 Wild01
Wild02.jpg            40.0K  Wild for the camera strap
Wild03.jpg            25.0K  Teething
Wild04.jpg            30.0K  Teething
LadyShoe1.jpg         30.0K  Interested in Terry's shoes
LadyShoe2.jpg         31.0K  Shiny coat
Wild02 Wild03 Wild04 LadyShoe1 LadyShoe2

TaterTat1.jpg 88.0K Puddy Tat Couch pa-Tater = "Tater Tat" FireNews1.jpg 34.0K Staring at the firetruck's blue and red flashing lights FireNews2.jpg 40.0K Facinated by report of warehouse fire FireNews3.jpg 46.0K Mesmerized by the flames FireNews4.jpg 44.0K Better view of the 10 o'clock news. Tigers1.jpg 81.0K Big cats on the Tonight Show Tigers2.jpg 30.0K Big cats on the Tonight Show
TaterTat1 FireNews1 FireNews2 FireNews3 FireNews4 Tigers1 Tigers2
Crinkle06.jpg         33.0K  Playing 'fetch' with Crinkle Ball
HotSync.jpg           30.0K  Stalking the Palm Pilot (HotSync noises)
FingerLicking.jpg     46.0K  Treating the human as part of the family
CuteLeaning.jpg       55.0K  Cuteness leaning up against Joe
Rumble01.jpg          75.0K  Her purring comes out as a loud rumble
Rumble02.jpg          69.0K  Rumble, rumble
Crinkle06 HotSync FingerLicking CuteLeaning Rumble01 Rumble02

InSink01.jpg 98.0K Sudden and unexplained urge to play in the bathroom sink InSink02.jpg 92.0K Curled up clockwise, ... InSink03.jpg 60.0K ... get up ... InSink04.jpg 68.0K ... and curl up counterclockwise InSink05.jpg 90.0K Note drop in midair and smaller drops stuck to her tail InSink06.jpg 96.0K Something about the bathroom induces contemplation
InSink01 InSink02 InSink03 InSink04 InSink05 InSink06
RedHose1.jpg          45.0K  Can't find Crinkle Ball, have to drag red hose around
RedHose2.jpg          54.0K  She likes chewing on it, as well as dragging it from room to room
RedHose3.jpg          36.0K  She will bring it up on the couch, and want us to play fetch
TaterTat2.jpg         29.0K  Talky tortie Tater Tat
RedHose1 RedHose2 RedHose3 TaterTat2

Video-Cover.jpg 29.0K None of the older felines were interested in this video for cats Video-Mouse1.jpg 67.0K The white mouse caught Naomi's attention ... Video-Mouse2.jpg 125.K ... and held it. Video-Bird1.jpg 50.0K Bright birds Video-Bird2.jpg 73.0K A closer look is required Video-Fish.jpg 75.0K Goldfish Video-Watch1.jpg 36.0K One paw up for better viewing
Video-Cover Video-Mouse1 Video-Mouse2 Video-Bird1 Video-Bird2 Video-Fish Video-Watch1
Video-Watch2.jpg      56.0K  How about two paws up?
Video-Watch3.jpg      78.0K  Rapt attention
Nest1.jpg             44.0K  The cat-attracting blanket got tangled in the table stand
Nest2.jpg             59.0K  This is my nest, don't bother me!
Video-Watch2 Video-Watch3 Nest1 Nest2

MultiCat.html 1.00K The multi-faceted cat Side-Right.jpg 39.0K Black-faced kitty Side-Left.jpg 37.0K Black, orange, white face Side-Front.jpg 39.0K Different from every angle Side-Belly.jpg 30.0K White on her belly Side-Rear.jpg 49.0K And orange-brown on the hindquarters
Side-Right Side-Left Side-Front Side-Belly Side-Rear

World1.jpg 58.0K Sniffing at a foam-rubber globe of the Earth World2.jpg 63.0K Bapping it around World3.jpg 28.0K Getting ready to pounce World4.jpg 82.0K Maniac, holding the fate of the world in her hands World5.jpg 36.0K Giving the world a good thumping.
World1 World2 World3 World4 World5

Hall1.jpg 20.0K Visit from the grumpy Punkin Hall2.jpg 20.0K Naomi feigns disinterest Bed01.jpg 10.0K Staring at Punkin, who just wants to be alone Bed02.jpg 12.0K Again, pretending to not be interested.
Hall1 Hall2 Bed01 Bed02

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