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Season IV ended with 2 movies (8 half-hour episodes).

30-Nov-2001: The second ReBoot movie, "My Two Bobs", ended with a cliff-hanger. No official word yet as to if or when the story will be continued.

Here are some older postings on the subject.

E-mail from YTV (September, 2001):

You will be happy to know that ReBoot is back in our schedule!

Starting August 7th at 7:30pm E/P we started with episode #1 of the
first season and we'll air the episodes from Season One to Three in
order.  Our Fall schedule launched on Sept.10th.  ReBoot now airs
Wednesday at 7pm E/P and 7:30pm E/P.  The ReBoot Movies are scheduled
for November.  Dameon Rising will air on Nov.18th from 4-6pm E/P and My
Two Bob's will air the following week, Nov.25th from 4-6pm E/P.

Please note that all schedules are subject to change without notice and
we advise that you visit our YTV Guide at close to these
dates to verify!  At this time we do not know when or if the episodes
will re-air after the movie.  Once the movie is aired we suggest that
you check back with us as by then we should have more information to
provide you with.

In the meantime, we suggest you check out Mainframe's awesome website
for any 'Reboot' updates:

Thanks for watching and remember to keep it weird!

YTV Viewer Relations Department

ReBoot Movie News Release

Mainframe Entertainment Inc. had hoped to produce two made-for-TV movies about ReBoot. As a result of the continuted interest in ReBoot, these plans may been changed to create Season 4 (13 episodes) instead.

30-Nov-2000: 13 episodes expanded to 26 episodes!

Season IV instead of two movies

From: mairi welman
Subject: ReBoot Movie News!!!!!
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 12:09:28 -0800

Hi Gang;
  Good news - it is looking more and more like the new storyline is going
to be a season 4 with 13 episodes instead of two TV movies! That
basically means 5 more episodes. Yay!!!
  YTV and CN are both very enthused as is Irwin and our master agent for
licensees (sp?) American Champion.
  Talks are ongoing but everyone is planning for a September broadcast
start. Whilst the scriptwriting is humming along here with Ian Weir
taking story direction from Ian and Gavin, production will not start
until April due to qualification requirements with the Canadian
government CAVCO funding program. However, that gives us a dandy window
to get production on line for a Fall premiere.
  Content-wise I can't say much except Daemon will surprise and challenge
your ideas and that most of your favourite season 3 characters will make
a re-appearance.
  Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not thank you all again for your
support. I don't know where ReBoot would be without you!
  Stay Frosty!

13 episodes expanded to 26 episodes

From: mairi welman
Subject: Here's The Scoop
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 10:30:19 -0800

Okay, okay, I've probably tortured you guys enough and lord knows I
wouldn't want you to go through the weekend preoccupied with "whither
ReBoot?" and possibly hurt yourselves or innocent bystanders.


Here's the scoop, as given in a magazine interview by Gavin recently
which is due to appear on the street shortly.... I always said you'd be
the first to know if anything changes.....

"Question = What was the impetus behind the TV movies?  Any hints as to
what will happen in them?

"Answer - We love Reboot. It's our baby.  And we always, always, always
wanted to do more episodes.

It's the fans who are largely responsible for ReBoot's return.  Without
them bugging the  broadcasters constantly, Cartoon Network might not have
given it a chance.  Without the great run on the CN, we wouldn't be
talking about more shows. So here's a big thanks to our loyal fans -
they never gave up on the show, and it's paying off!

As for the movies, there were originally going to be two two-hour movies
which would break up into 8 episodes for TV.  The first one, 'Daemon Rising',
picks up where Season III left off and deals with the problems of the infected
Guardians and the Supervirus, Daemon.  It also answers some of the
questions the fans have always asked - What happened to the other city of
Mainframe? What's the deal with Dot and Enzo's father?  What's Bob's
backstory? Things like that.

The second movie covers new ground and deals with the outrageous
cliffhanger which comes at the end of 'Daemon Rising'!  (Aren't we

But what happened is that the order had gone to 13 episodes, so we are
effectively adding a third movie to the lineup, plus an extra 13th show
which will be.... A MUSICAL!

And now - as Mike the TV might say - there's more!  There is now a very
real chance that the order for shows will go to 26, the interest in the
show is so great!"

There you have it. Believe me, we are very excited about this and hope
you are too :o)
Stay Frosty,
30-Nov-2001: The plans for 13 or 26 episodes may not come to pass. So far, there is no official commitment from either YTV or the Cartoon Network to pay for the additional episodes.

Older news


April 10, 2000 -- Vancouver, Canada -- Mainframe Entertainment (MFE:TSE) announced today that it will bring back its most popular computer animated TV story in two two-hour made-for-TV movies next year.

The two movies are being produced in partnership with youth-oriented Canadian cable broadcaster YTV Canada, Inc. for broadcast in the Spring and Fall of 2001.

ReBoot was the first ever half-hour computer animated TV series produced in the world. Originally seen on North American television in September of 1994 on YTV in Canada and on ABC Television in the U.S., the series ran three seasons (39 episodes) and was eventually seen in over 70 countries around the world. The show remains one of YTV's top-rated programs and garnered impressive U.S. audiences in a daily strip on the Cartoon Network over the past year.

"ReBoot fans around the world have never given up hope that we would continue the story," says Mainframe President and CEO, and ReBoot co-creator, Ian Pearson. "Even though season three wasn't seen in the US until the last year, the fans have never deserted the show. ReBoot has always attracted a wide audience of both kids and adults because of its multi-level stories and ensemble cast. With these new TV movies we get a to say a great big 'thank-you' to our fans, and mark my words, they will not be disappointed. Fans may, in fact, be shocked, as we answer some of those questions that have been on their minds for years." The first TV movie is entitled Daemon Rising which picks up the storyline where season three of the TV series left off. The second movie is yet to be titled.

Mr. Pearson continued, "Bringing this project forward with the participation of our long-term partner YTV, who have always been great supporters of our creative vision over the years, is quite simply the icing on the cake."

"ReBoot is a great example of the kind of leading edge programming that YTV is proud to offer its viewers," said Paula Parker, Vice President of Programming and Production, YTV Canada Inc. "We are very pleased to be involved in the launch of these brand new productions and we know that our viewers will be thrilled by the news."

Mainframe Entertainment is the world's most prolific computer animation studio, producing long-form CGI for television and feature films. During the fall 1999 television season the studio had five computer animated television series on air in the North American market, on YTV, the Cartoon Network, Fox Kids and Fox Family Channel. The company is currently in production on a direct-to-video project for Harvey Entertainment, based on the long-standing Casper the Friendly Ghost franchise, a large-format stereoscopic feature film, based on Gulliver's Travels, for Imax 3D theatres and the all new Action Man series which will be seen on YTV and Fox Kids in September 2000. Founded in 1993, the company employs 300 artists, animators, technicians and production personnel, and has won many prestigious awards for its creative and technical innovations, including an induction into the Smithsonian Institute.

YTV, Canada's number one youth network, is seen in over eight million homes across Canada. As a major force in Canadian kids' entertainment, YTV has triggered over $600 million in Canadian independent production; developed a website that receives 8.5 million hits per week; published a successful kids' magazine, Whoa!; and conducts a highly respected annual survey, The YTV Kid & Tween Report. YTV is owned by Corus Entertainment Inc., one of Canada's leading media companies.

Previously mentioned on the SciFi Wire for 07-Apr-2000.

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