Saga Cell: Opening (Cartoon Network)
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In Canada, Season III was shown with different openings for each of the four 4-part stories. For US viewers who are watching Season III on the Cartoon Network, Mainframe Entertainment Inc made Quicktime movies of the openings available on their web site.

Opening Sequence

(music starts)
Blue and purple nebula in space.
(bass guitar)
Close in on sign at factory: Ghost Planet Industries.
"Have you ever worked..."
Several computer monitors surrounded by a riveted steel frame. Center screen has a close-up of Bob's face; he blinks twice.
"...with anything high-tech?"
Man (Toonami?) with head covered. Blue pants and vest, red shirt and belt, large green gloves pulling levers and knobs.
Dot and Bob on aircraft carrier, green cylinders of transformation. [The Tearing]
"ReBoot, ReBoot"
Creatures from the web going around the Principal Office, CPU police cars chasing them. [Web World Wars]
(unintelligible battle commands)
Enzo looking at a tactical display, shooting. [Web World Wars]
"There's too many!"
Dot, high above the city, Web Creatures in the background. [Web World Wars]
(metallic scraping)
Lens, the Code Warrior, coming through his portal. [High Code]
Binomes (Ones and Zeros) running along the road.
"Arrest him!"
Hack and Slash, atop Armored Binome Carriers, threaten Bob, who is about to jump through a trap door on the stage. [Identity Crisis, part 1]
Four ABCs in an auditorium full of Mainframers. [Identity Crisis, part 1]
"Time to shut you down."
Megabyte standing in an ice cave. [The Tearing]
"You won't get away with this!"
Bob, swinging on a rope, knocks Megabyte down. [Infected]
(laser fire)
Hairless Dot, Enzo and Bob in silver-metallic skin, shooting [When Games Collide]
"We'll fight you..."
Giant robot, mostly white and blue with red shoulders. [Nullzilla]
" the last!"
Phong. [Infected]
"Run for it!"
Bob and Megabyte running from a high-tech dinosaur. [When Games Collide]
(sound of gunfire)
Stream of CPU police cars. [Web World Wars]
"Now, won't this be..."
Bob and Hexadecimal circling in mid air, circle of turned-to-stone Mainframers in the background. [Medusa Bug]
Hexadecimal sticks out a long black tongue. [Nullzilla]
"Let's go, let's go"
Stream of ABCs coming up from Sector G Prime.
"It's gonna blow!"
Bob in white outfit, several white and gold fliers, horizontal explosion. [The Tearing]
"Warning: Incoming Game"
"REBOOT" rendered in wireframe, white on hexagonal background. It fills in as white, overlayed with red, then extrudes forward.
(music ends)
(elapsed time: 30 seconds)
Note that the Cartoon Network opening does not mention any of the credits as seen in the ABC/YTV Opening.

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