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http://alliance.idirect.com is down

10-Oct-97: The links on this page may or may not be working due to the server http://alliance.direct.com/reboot/ being down.

Alliance had a number of video clips in QuickTime format, including the 60 second opening sequence (4 megabytes).

Video clips showing behind the scenes action are mixed with some original sketches in the "Compile routines: Creators.

"What is ReBoot"         (1.8 meg) with early Bob.
"Early Reboot"           (1.7 meg) with early Dot.
"The Creators"           (0.5 meg) with early Enzo.
"Brendan McCarthy"       (1.4 meg) with early Megabyte.
"Hockey, Hockey, Hockey" (1.8 meg) with early Hack and Slash.
"Recording Session #1"   (1.0 meg) with early Hexadecimal.
"Recording Session #2"   (1.0 meg) with Hexi's masks.
"Relaxations"            (1.8 meg) with early Scuzzy.
"SoftGrin"               (1.3 meg) with early Frisket.
"Bob's Car"              (0.4 meg) with biker Binomes.
"Alliance logo"          (0.2 meg) with Binomes of War.
"Game Cube"              (0.8 meg) with Warning, incoming game
Note: Those are Brendan McCarthy's original sketches. Most of the characters and their backgrounds have changed since then.

"Recording Session #1" has Michael Donovan (voice director) telling Matthew Sinclair (Enzo) how he should say "You're smoke, Bob!". Then Kathleen Barr (Dot) does her line about "Bob, you gotta stall him some more".

"Recording Session #2" is the finished product; the first line of dialog from "Talent Night" with Enzo taunting "You're smoke, Bob!" and the Guardian replying "In your dreams, birthday boy!"

The Birthday Club

If you sign up for the Birthday Club, Enzo will send you e-mail on your birthday. The message has a secret code that you used to get to your birthday greeting. That page has pointers to two movies that no one else gets to see.
TALENT03.MOV   21-Nov-95 11:18     1M  Living with B.S.'n'P. in a nonviolent way
TALENT04.MOV   21-Nov-95 11:18     1M  5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Enzo complies up on his 1st birthday.

Sounds (*.wav)

Most of these are are part of the character biography pages.
Al-waitr.wav           31-Aug-95 12:38   309K  
Alfanumk.wav           01-Aug-95 16:55    28K  
Dontnkso.wav           01-Aug-95 16:55    43K  
Dot1.wav               31-Aug-95 12:39    49K  
Dot2.wav               31-Aug-95 12:39    31K  
Dot3.wav               31-Aug-95 12:39    33K  
Dot4.wav               31-Aug-95 12:39    65K  
Enzo1.wav              31-Aug-95 12:39    73K  
EnzoDude.wav           01-Aug-95 16:55    67K  
Frisket1.wav           31-Aug-95 12:39   103K  
Frisket2.wav           31-Aug-95 12:39    41K  
Hck-Slsh.wav           31-Aug-95 12:39    82K  
IDTSCrash.wav          01-Aug-95 16:55   102K  
Introduc.wav           01-Aug-95 16:55     1M  
Mega1.wav              31-Aug-95 12:39    57K  
Mega2.wav              31-Aug-95 12:39    16K  
Mega3.wav              31-Aug-95 12:39    68K  
Phong1.wav             31-Aug-95 12:40    29K  
Pixlacus.wav           01-Aug-95 16:55    61K  
Scuzzy1.wav            31-Aug-95 12:40    55K  
coolness.wav           01-Aug-95 16:55    25K  
gameover1.wav          01-Aug-95 16:55    55K  
gameover2.wav          01-Aug-95 16:55    55K  
hex1.wav               04-Aug-95 12:25    51K  
incoming.wav           03-Aug-95 11:27    57K  
vid.wav                28-Jul-95 14:44    28K  
wagner.wav             01-Aug-95 16:55   104K  

Unlinked Files

These files are not listed in any of the other pages.
vault.html     02-Aug-95 22:47     1K  Hidden file
bible.html     02-Aug-95 23:18     2K  Hidden file
789-joke.mov   03-Aug-95 14:30   746K  Why is everyone afraid of Seven?
Cecil-01.mov   03-Aug-95 15:24   408K  Oh, I don't paid enough for this. Cleanup is not my function.
PolyGram.mov   03-Aug-95 14:30   198K  The "PolyGram Video" logo
ReBoot01.mov   03-Aug-95 14:31   400K  Cities, to this place.  Mainframe.
ReBoot02.mov   03-Aug-95 14:31   398K  Zoom in to Floating Point Park
gamecube.mov   03-Aug-95 14:31   485K  Game cube has landed. (7 seconds)
EApromo1.mov   24-Jul-95 21:34     1M  Enzo tells of video game from Electronic Arts
Irwinsad.mov   24-Jul-95 21:34     1M  Ad included with each video tape
noshow.html    04-Aug-95 09:02     1K  
show.html      02-Aug-95 23:10     2K  

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