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1994 and 1995 only

Fuji Television - Japan
Television Broadcast Ltd. - Hong Kong

Seven Network - Australia
TVNZ - New Zealand
Unicorn - Indonesia
Channel 7 - Phillipines
TSI Films - Malaysia

Eastern Europe
Czech Independent TV - Czech Republic
Telewizja Polska - Poland
CME - Romania
CME - Slovenia

TV1000 - Denmark (Pay TV)
TV1000 - Norway (Pay TV)
TV1000 - Sweden (Pay TV)
MTV Finland - Finland
Premiere Medien GMBH - Germany (Pay TV)
Premiere Medien GMBH - Switzerland (German Pay TV)
Premiere Medien GMBH - Austria (German Pay TV)
Permiere Medien GMBH - Leichtenstein (Pay TV)
RAI - Italy
Filmlux SA - Netherlands (Basic Cable)
Filmlux (RTL4=RTL5 Free & Basic Cable)
Canal Plus (Pay TV), TV Galicia (Free TV) - Spain
Inflight Productions, Spafax, Speed - U.K. (Airline)

Middle East
Inflight Productions - Kuwait (Airlines)

South Africa
Auckland Prog. (SABC) - South Africa

South America
Globosat - Brazil (Pay cable)
Zebracom Int. - Columbia
Panamericana TV - Peru

Mexico/Central America
Televisa - Mexico
Corporacion Panamena de Radiodiffusion - Panama