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1997 ReBoot Calendar

Enzo + Frisket Dot in front of Diner Enzo with tattoo
Naughty Enzo Megabyte's Face 4 Heroes
MB's Guitar Enzo + MB stare-down Mike the TV
Bob as Gold Knight Dot with PCU guns Bob and Glitch Books

Wall edition calendar, list price $11.99US. Published August 1996 by Landmark Calendars. ISBN 0-7819-1624-0. They have six other items available .

Landmark Calendars

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1997 Calendar

The spellbinding animation of ReBoot evokes a lush world of dense color and three dimensional movement. ReBoot is produced entirely by computer using CGI (computer generated imagery) technology and 3D animation. The world's first 100% digital television series.

ReBoot takes you to a magical world of Mainframe, a covert world inside a personal computer populated by sprites, an eclectic mixture of digital information in the forms of robotic-looking binomes and human-like data sprites.

The central character is Bob, a data sprite who recently modemed in from the Super Computer where things are even faster, bigger and more complex than in Mainframe. Bob can usually be found in the company of Dot, an intelligent and attractive entrepreneur and her energetic little brother, Enzo.

Bob has become a local hero. With the use of Glitch, a multi-functional gizmo he wears on his wrist, Bob fights to protect Mainframe from any electronic threat. He is always on the lookout for two computer viruses: the eloquently evil Megabyte, who is programmed to take over the computer, and Hexadecimal, the digital Medusa with mood-reflecting masks, programmed to create chaos everywhere she goes.

Their urban electronic environment is controlled by an unseen character, The User, the operator of the computer in which Mainframe is located. When The User decides to play a computer game, an ominous cube descends upon Mainframe and engulfs a sector of the city. The Games can strike anywhere, at any time. When trapped inside The Game, the sprites can "ReBoot" to transform themselves into game characters or equip themselves with the appropriate game gear to compete with The User. Anything is possible inside The Game. A sprite can find himself behind the controls of a screaming jetfighter, burning up the track in a Formula One car, or going one-on-one with the NBA All-Stars.

Tour the city of Mainframe with host Enzo on the official ReBootTM Home Page at the Alliance Communications site. (
ReBootTM & © 1996 Mainframe Joint Venture.

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