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ReBoot has returned to US on the Cartoon Network. Check out the ReBoot section of the CN Department of Cartoons.

ReBoot is showing 6 times per week: Monday through Friday at 4:30pm (ET/PT) and Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 1:15am (ET/PT).

"Toonami" schedule for 1999

The first run-through was 15-Mar-99 to 6-May-99. The second showing of these 39 episodes was during May and June. The third showing started in July 1999. The fourth showing started in October 2001 (leading up to new episodes 19-Oct-2001).
Season I (1994-1995)
   01 "The Tearing"
   02 "Racing the Clock"
   03 "Quick and the Fed"
   04 "Medusa Bug"
   05 "The TIFF"
   06 "In the Belly of the Beast"
   07 "The Crimson Binome"
   08 "Enzo the Smart"
   09 "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor"
   10 "The Great Brain Robbery"

Season II (1995-1996)
   11 "Talent Night"
   12 "Identity Crisis, part 1"
   13 "Identity Crisis, part 2"
   14 "Infected"
   15 "High Code"
   16 "When Games Collide"
   17 "Bad Bob"
   18 "Painted Windows"
   19 "andrAIa"
   20 "Nullzilla"
   21 "Gigabyte"
   22 "Trust No One"
   23 "Web World Wars"

Season III (1996-1997)
   24 "To Mend and Defend" (v3.1.1)
   25 "Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place" (v3.1.2)
   26 "Firewall" (v3.1.3)
   27 "Game Over" (v3.1.4)
   28 "Icons" (v3.2.1)
   29 "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before" (v3.2.2)
   30 "Number 7" (v3.2.3)
   31 "The Episode With No Name" (v3.2.4)
   32 "The Return of the Crimson Binome" (v3.3.1)
   33 "The Edge of Beyond" (v3.3.2)
   34 "Web Riders on the Storm" (v3.3.3)
   35 "Mousetrap" (v3.3.4)
   36 "Megaframe" (v3.4.1)
a   37 "Showdown" (v3.4.2)
   38 "System Crash" (v3.4.3)
   39 "End Prog" (v3.4.4)

Season IV (2001)
   40 "Daemon Rising" (v4.01)			19-Oct-01
   41 "Cross Nodes" (v4.02)			19-Oct-01
   42 "What's Love Got Do With It" (v4.03)	26-Oct-01
   43 "Sacrifice" (v4.04)			02-Nov-01
   44 "My To Bobs" (v4.11)			09-Nov-01
   45 "" (v4.12)				16-Nov-01
   46 "" (v4.13)				23-Nov-01
   47 "" (v4.14)				30-Nov-01

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