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ReBoot in the United Kingdom

Check the home pages for Meridian TV and ITV for more details. See also the Thursday listings at Carlton for the 4:45pm timeslot.

6-Jan-98: an update from a viewer in the UK:

Further to the message recently posted on your site, you might wish to let fellow UK fans know that Reboot returns to ITV on the 12th February at 4:45pm, according to the ITV Network help desk.
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 12:34:11 +0000
From: Angus Rae
Subject: Reboot on ITV, UK

Concrete details for you, from the Radio Times WWW version - Scottish is
the ITV area I'm in, but ReBoot is a network centre programme so the
time info applies to all areas;

Reboot II    Trust No One    Scottish  Thursday 12 February  16:45 to 17:10
         Adventure series using state-of-the-art computer animation.
         Bob uncovers a plot to destroy the city. 

So it looks like we are getting ReBoot, but it looks like a repeat. This
isn't uncommon with ITV's showings of ReBoot - they tend to do a few
repeats before going into new episodes (it's almost American...!)

However, Trust No One is a bit far back (and has been shown twice before
already). It's possible that they may be showing TN1/WWW and then 
Episodes 1-6 before going into Episode 7, on the assumption that it'll
be difficult to follow otherwise. Hope so - I missed "To Mend and
Defend" first time round (dodgy video).
the episode on thurday the 19th is WWW 98 02 19 Web World War (repeat) 4:45 In the schedule below, the dates for 98 02 are speculation and are probably wrong. If you have any concrete details, please send them to .
Reboot episodes shown in 1997:
    97 07 17 To Mend and Defend (3.1.1)
    97 07 24 Between a Racoon and a Hard Place (3.1.2)
    97 07 31 Firewall (3.1.3)
    97 08 07 Game Over (3.1.4)
    97 08 14 Icons (3.2.1)
    97 08 21 Where No Sprite Has Gone Before (3.2.2)

Reboot reruns in February 1998;
    98 02 12 Trust No One
    98 02 19 Web World Wars
too violent? To Mend and Defend (3.1.1)
    skipped  Between a Racoon and a Hard Place (3.1.2)
    98 02 26 Firewall (3.1.3)
    98 03 05 Game Over (3.1.4)
    98 03 12 Icons (3.2.1)
    98 03 19 Where No Sprite Has Gone Before (3.2.2)

Reboot episodes expected in 1998 (the rest of the first ten):
    98 03 26 Number 7 (v3.2.3)
    98 04 02 The Episode With No Name (v3.2.4)
    98 04 09 The Return of the Crimson Binome (v3.3.1)
    delayed  The Edge of Beyond (v3.3.2)

Remaining episodes:
             Web Riders on the Storm (v3.3.3)
             Mousetrap (v3.3.4)
             Megaframe (v3.4.1)
             Showdown (v3.4.2)
             System Crash (v3.4.3)
             End Prog (v3.4.4)
This message from Meridian TV, 25-Aug-97:
Firstly, although we are part of a group of Broadcasters/Production companies who contribute to the funding of Reboot, we are not obliged to take all episodes. For 1997 the NWC only required 10 episodes out of the 16 being made in series III. We will however most certainly take the remaining 6 eps. if the high ratings continue. The NWC are looking to schedule the remaining four episodes of the current batch of 10 soon. Due to the fluid nature of the schedule I am afraid I cannot give you dates.
Suffice to say, don't worry. We will schedule all episodes produced - eventually!"

REBOOT is scheduled by the Network Centre in London for countrywide viewing. Apparently they took on 10 episodes initially (I believe there are 16 in series 3); six of which have been shown and four are to be scheduled. Our programme planners are confident that the NW Centre will also take on the final six at some time in the future.

Subject: Everyone campaign to ITV for REBOOT!
Date: 29 Aug 1997 15:35:32 GMT

Regarding Meridian: It's out of their hands, and in the hands of Network
Control. (Childrens ITV is a national slot, and Meridian TV is a regional
company for SE England.)

  The Network Centre is not on e-mail, but you can either write to them at:

  The Network Centre
  200 Grays Inn Road
  London  WC1X 8HF

  or phone them on:


Old info

Started January 4, 1995.
After-school show: Wednesdays at 4:15pm
Nine consecutive weeks, then a gap before tenth episode was delivered.

As soon as I get any details about the ITV air dates, I will put them here. (Peter Murray) wrote:
Reboot episodes shown this year:
         96 01 04 The Great Brain Robbery
         96 01 11 Talent Night
         96 01 18 Infected
         96 01 25 When Games Collide
         96 02 01 High Code
         96 02 08 Bad Bob
         96 02 15 AndrAIa
         96 02 22 Identity Crisis part 1
         96 02 29 Identity Crisis part 2
         96 03 07 Nullzilla
         96 03 14 Gigabyte
         96 03 21 Trust No One
         96 03 28 Web World War
         (delayed) Painted Windows
Another letter:
From: "P. EDWARDS" 
Organization: University of Leeds
To: "Smith and O'Halloran" <inwap@jomis.Tymnet.COM>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 15:02:40 GMT
Subject: Re: UK showings of ReBoot

Well, after repeatedly e-mailing both ITV network centre and 
meridian, I finally got this from the darlings at Meridian. AAAARGH

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From:          Office MER Duty <>
Date:          Wed, 9 Dec 1998 15:54:01 +0000
Subject:       RE: Remaining ReBoot episodes

Hi Paul,

Regrettably the ITV Network Centre in London have dropped the rest of
this series as they deem the content unsuitable.

Sorry to disappoint you.


Office MER Duty
Meridian Broadcasting Ltd
Tel: 44 1703 222555
Fax: 44 1703 335050
Internet Address:
Home Page:

> From:          "Smith and O'Halloran" <inwap@jomis.Tymnet.COM>
> Subject:       Re: UK showings of ReBoot
> To:            phy8pe@LUCS-03.NOVELL.LEEDS.AC.UK (P. EDWARDS)
> Date:          Sat, 5 Dec 1998 11:29:10 -0800 (PST)

> > Is there any word on the remaining episodes of season 3 of 
> > ReBoot, which have still to be aired in the UK?
> Nope, and the folks at Mainframe Entertainment are a bit frustrated.
> There's a long shot that some other UK network might pick up ReBoot,
> but that's just wishful thinking at this time.
> 	-Joe

If you have any details about what episodes where shown when in the UK, please send mail to so that I can update this page.

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