KA, tapes, VT05 Computer Pro's Computer
(Computer Decisions, October 1974)

The Computer Pro's Computer

and the best timesharing system for the money.

That's not just our opinion.

The DECsystem-10 is the number one choice of independent timesharing beureaus. And these are companies whose computers are their lifeblood.

Moveover, we conducted a survey of EDP managers a short time back. It showed that Digital was rated higher in timesharing by people who knew our systems than was any other manufacturer by people familiar with their equipment.

There's a good reason for all this. You can't buy DECsystem-10 equipment, features or performance anywhere else for the price.

From $300,000 to $2 million.

$300,000 buys you a powerhouse 36-bit computer with 64K words of core, magnetic disk, line printer and 16 communication lines. And you can expand smoothly from there up to a much bigger system, using the same operating system, just by adding hardware.

But you may not have to expand that fast or that frequently. The DECsystem-10 spends about 90% of its time on useful work, unlike many systems which waste a load of time keeping track of things. That's because the DECsystem-10 was designed specifically for a multi-task environment, while most other machines were designed for batch processing and are trying to perform like something they're not.

All of which means you've got to investigate the DECsystem-10 anytime you have a situation where a number of sources ueed the computer at the same time. As in networks. Or hierarchies. Or any mix of batch, program development, EDP, timesharing, or real time.

DECsystem-10. From Digital, the world's leader in timesharing systems with 1,000 timesharing systems installed.