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fdc02.jpg          36.0K  Battery room, entrance from Generator room.
fdc03.jpg          40.0K  Battery room, looking deeper.
fdc05.jpg          46.0K  Generator #1.
fdc06.jpg          41.0K  Generator #1 control panel.
fdc07.jpg          47.0K  Generator #2.
fdc08.jpg          42.0K  Generator #3.
fdc09.jpg          31.0K  Control panel for Generator #2 and #3.
fdc02 fdc03 fdc05 fdc06 fdc07 fdc08 fdc09
fdc10.jpg          33.0K  Circuit breakers for street power.
fdc11.jpg          32.0K  UPS-1, as viewed from Generator #2 area.
fdc12.jpg          33.0K  UPS-2, as viewed from Battery room.
fdc13.jpg          39.0K  Looking into the computer room.
fdc14.jpg          35.0K  From UPS room, looking toward ramp and loading dock.
fdc15.jpg          36.0K  Tandem Non-Stop System.
fdc16.jpg          37.0K  Back of Tandem.
fdc10 fdc11 fdc12 fdc13 fdc14 fdc15 fdc16
fdc17.jpg          29.0K  Row of Tymnet Engines, CXL
fdc18.jpg          37.0K  Row of older Engines, Supervisor, Accounting.
fdc19.jpg          44.0K  PC near the Ticket system.
fdc20.jpg          42.0K  L-R: System 23, X.25 and tape drives, System 26, storage.
fdc21.jpg          41.0K  Code Generation Servers (System 25), 'titan' and 'delta', Sun-4/670, SunOS-4.1
fdc23.jpg          31.0K  Power Distribution Units.
fdc04.jpg          35.0K  Generator #1, viewed from computer room entrance.
fdc22.jpg          35.0K  Sun servers.  Display for Operators in center background.
fdc17 fdc18 fdc19 fdc20 fdc21 fdc23 fdc04 fdc22
fdc24.jpg          13.0K  Ticket System (System 23 + 26) highlighted in yellow.
fdc25.jpg          29.0K  Stack of PXL Engines.
wepexsal.jpg       39.0K  Sal Spinale, WEPEX.
wepexearth.jpg     32.0K  Fremont Networ Management Center.
wepexbanner.jpg    158.K  Banner; TYMNET scheduled to be shut down on 01-01-1998.
wepexcars.jpg      40.0K  Parking lot at the Fremont Data Center.
fdc24 fdc25 wepexsal wepexearth wepexbanner wepexcars

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