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Mini-FAQ for the USENET newsgroup for TiVo users.

Where to start?

  Official web site:
    Tips and Tricks:
    Customer Support:

  AVS Forum:
    Advice from a veteran to a newbie:
    TivoCommunity FAQ:

  Parts and upgrade kits

General Questions:

  Q: Why is TiVo is recording things I did not ask for?
  A: It's a feature, the recording of TiVo Suggestions is on by default.
     On a new machine, they may not reflect your viewing preferences, but
     give them time - it gets better.  Suggestions are marked by a black
     circle with "TiVo" inside.  They are the first to go when disk space
     is needed, so they will not interfere with scheduled recordings.

  Q: How do I shut them off?
  A: The control is under Setup -> Preferences, but try leaving them
     on for a few weeks, while TiVo learns your preferences.

  Q: How can I see how much disk space is available?
  A: That information is not available from the menus.  Unlike a VCR,
     which will stop recording when it's full, TiVo automatically
     deletes suggestions and expired recordings to make room.
     One way of getting a rough idea as to how much is available
     is by letting TiVo record suggestions, then count screenfuls.

  Q: TiVo keeps chopping of the beginning (or end) of programs.
  A: TiVo goes by the information that the network supplies to
     Tribune Media Services.  Some networks have been known to
     start showing a program a minute early and not tell TMS.
     The solution is to add padding to the Season Pass.

HD TiVo:

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