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21-Aug-2003: Nederland High School 30-year Reunion.
06-May-2003: I love my TiVo.

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MCI WorldDom: You will be assimilated.
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photo text New 20-Aug-00: Article on the front page of the Business Section of the Fremont Argus / Oakland Tribune newspaper. Photo and some some text.

Joe Smith

audio Hello, this is Joe. Joe at home
P.O. Box 192, Fremont, CA, 94536
E-mail, joeinwap, gmail
(Listed in the White Pages for Fremont, California)
Grew up in
Nederland, Colorado (a small town, pop 2000) near the Continental Divide, 18 miles west of Boulder, Colorado.
Lives in
Fremont, CA
High School
Nederland HS, Class of '73
30-year Reunion, August 15-17, 2003.
Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. Member of Sigma Nu fraternity.
Looking for home pages for: Scot Anderson, Lloyd Bender, Jim Swain
Worked for
Caribou Ranch Recording Studio (solder slinger), Sambo's Restaurants headquarters in Santa Barbara (IS Dept: PDP-10 + IBM 370/158), CSM Computer Center (PDP-10), Tymshare.
Employed by
Instantis, 3005 Bunker Hill Lane, Santa Clara, 95054
(was located at 913 Hermosa Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 [2003-2005].)
Formerly employed by
pre-1984: Tymshare
Jan-1985: McDonnell Douglas Field Service Company
Jul-1989: McDonnell Douglas Network Systems Company
Nov-1989: BT Tymnet / BTNA (British Telecom North America)
Feb-1994: MCI Network Services
Sep-1998: MCI WorldCom
May-2000: WorldCom, Inc
(7 names in 14 years.) Worked at the San Jose campus in northern California.
Most recent duties
UNIX (Sun) support for the Tymnet® Global Network, Used to support the remaining 2 Tymshare PDP-10 systems.
Geek Code
GCS d-(+) s a+ C++ US++++ P+++ L+ E- W++ N++ K w !O M V-- PS Y+ PGP- t+(-) 5++ X+ R- tv+ b+ DI++ G e+ h++ r+++ z+++
Summer vacation 1998
Tour of Scotland including Culloden, Glen Coe and the McDonald half of the Isle of Skye.
Dead Palm Pilot
See my tale of woe at the Palm Graveyard.
Old logo - New logo
20-Mar-96 - After 14 years, MCI announces a new "starburst" logo.

Here is where I am supposed to put in some free-form text describing who I am and what my interests are. But I've been busy setting up "The Unoffical ReBoot Home Page", "Pocket Dragon Adventures", web hints (and counters), and the page for our cats. This included writing several perl programs for the web. Avatar of Joe

And learning Java.

Not to mention the top-level index for this site.

But my time has been taken up by the process of purchasing the house.


I love my TiVo.

Rainbow stripes I've made my new car look like a character from ST-TNG.
My old car is named after the German submarine movie: Das Boot. (It's for sale.)
(Everyone here at Chez INWAP is into Science Fiction and Scottish/Irish stuff.)
I participated in the 1010 project at MIT.

Our Internet connection is a UNIX box; a Sun SPARCclassic running PPP to work an/or Best.COM.

POPJ P, From my old .signature file:
CA license plate: "POPJ P," 36-bits forever! (2 Tymshare PDP-10s still going!)
Humorous disclaimer: "My Amiga 3000/1200 speaks for me." [KV25XBR to RGB]

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