Presence of Clan Donald along Scotland's Great Glen.
The name of Clan Donald is prominent in two historical massacres. They fought valliantly at the side of Bonnie Prince Charlie at the Battle of Culloden in April 1746 and were wiped out by the Campbells at Glen Coe in February 1692.

The other directory has pictures of two MacDonald castles on the Isle of Skye.

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../              [DIR]  See also the Clan Donald castles at the ends of the Isle of Skye.
culloden1.jpg    48.0K  Culloden Moor.  Yellow flags indicate the Scottish camps.
culloden2.jpg    68.0K  Monument to the gallant highlanders.
culloden3.jpg    68.0K  Red flags mark the position of the British army.
culloden4.jpg    99.0K  Modern memorial to the members of Clan Donald.
culloden5.jpg    70.0K  Original memorial to the members of Clan Donald.
culloden6.jpg    86.0K  Close up on the stone.
culloden1 culloden2 culloden3 culloden4 culloden5 culloden6
culloden7.jpg    39.0K  View of the battleground, looking north.
glencoe1.jpg     45.0K  Glen Coe Visitors Centre.
glencoe2.jpg     56.0K  The Glencoe Massacre happened here in February 1692.
culloden7 glencoe1 glencoe2

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