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Sally Sally and her husband Sally and her cat virtual Sally Mike the TV + Sally

Sally Smith

Grew up
all over the place (Father in the Army).
Colorado School of Mines
Worked for
Stanford University.
Employed as
person who stays at home and feeds the cats. 3 cats in bed

Here is where I am supposed to put in some free-form text describing who I am and what my interests are. But I'm just learning this HTML stuff, so bear with me. Highland Games.

Metro1.jpg - 807x540 JPEG file (66203 bytes)
A new little car, just my size. (That's Geordi in the background.)
Metro2.jpg - 739x568 JPEG file (65940 bytes)
More cargo space than Geordi or Das Boot (the big gold and white car).
SalDax1.jpg - 259x533 JPEG file (15592 bytes)
This is my Dax costume. (ST-DS9)
SalDax2.jpg - 460x568 JPEG file (28293 bytes)
The brown spots around my face are cat pawprints.
SalDax3.jpg - 234x351 JPEG file (12501 bytes)
Should have used a lighter background for this photo.
SalMacLeod.jpg - 441x408 JPEG file (23523 bytes)
Me with John MacLeod of MacLeod, the clan's chief.

Former webmaster for the Clan MacLeod Society.

Favorite Web Sites:

2doTo do: A lot of info to be added here.

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My husband, Joe
Housemates Chris and John
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