How active is INWAP?

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How well known is INWAP?

We're listed at Yahoo: As a group, as 4 people, and the cats. There are separate listings for the PDP-10 computer, the ReBoot cartoon show, and the ReBoot toys. audioYahoo!

Check out the list of other sites that refer to I mean I'm not wearing pants

What does Chez INWAP stand for?

The answer to this question was removed due to the Telecommunications Bill of 1996. But now it's OK for us to discuss such things on the net.

It's a joke amoung friends. It means "House of I'm Not Wearing Any Pants".

: It came from a taunt we would send to the East Coast
: contingent.  Such as, it's January 15, Boston is snowed in,
: O'Hare is closed, and we are running around in shorts and
: t-shirts.  Or just underwear.
: At one time I had the F10 key on my Amiga programmed for
:  echo "I'm not wearing any pants" | mail -s INWAP to-our-friends

Does that mean you don't wear bathing suits in your hot tub?

Draw your own conclusion.

Why would you want to put your hot tub on the Net?

We got the idea from Paul Haas, who has his hot tub on the net.

How are you connected to the Net?

Joe's UNIX workstations are connected to his work (TYMNET.COM) via PPP over a 56Kb modem. John's Wintel PC was connected to the cable modem. It got replaced with a 486 running Linux when John took his Pentium to Chez TyeDye. The proxy server on the Linux box allows us to surf the net at almost T1 speeds.

2doTo do: Add more details.

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