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Here's what other people have said about www.inwap.com/reboot/

Chosen as Spider's Pick of the Day for 30-Jun-95 (along with David Francis's Reboot Page).

The Unofficial ReBoot Home Page has been rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey.

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Walking the World Wide Web Premiere Site
Walking the World Wide Web 2nd Edition
has this site listed under Section VII: Just For Kids, Cartoons & TV Shows, ReBoot.
Q with 5 stars

Queue's Adventures 5 Star Favorite Web Site Award
"Everything relating to ReBoot is here!"
"Totally online!"
1st Pic Thingamabobs
"1st Pick" for 9-Jun-97.

It's on the 5th Floor, "Site of the Moment".

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