What I wore to work, 31-Oct-97
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"Bob" costume

It all started when Christina and John O'Halloran found a mask of Bob at the "98 Cents Store". I was powerless to resist.
I used this is the reference models. Note that the trading card has a black belt, orange rectangles, yellow buckle.
Chris (one of the other inhabitants of Chez Inwap) found the top and shirt in one thrift store, matching pants in another. The epaulets are orange foamboard, the forearms are gray foamboard. The belt buckle is a taped-over McDonnell Douglas award and the black vinyl belt came from a fabric shop. And red kneepads.
Help, I'm stuck in the Web!
(MCI's Tymnet Node Lab)
Glitch is made from a flashlight that is designed to clip on a headband, with a 60-amp fuse. It lights up to show game stats.
Blue greasepaint gets all over everything, so I couldn't wear it to work. Next time I'll use the water-soluable makeup.

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