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Collectable cards, 1995 printing

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The cards themselves come in a purple foil package with black and gold ink.
The front has:

Premiere Edition
Fleer Ultra
Computer Generated Images
8 cards

The back says:

With these odds, 5 of every 9 packs have 8 plain cards, and 4 out of 9 packs will have 7 plain and 1 special card.

The cards are available at comic book stores and shops carrying baseball cards. Also carried in some Target and K-Mart stores.

Promo Card and Poster

The promotional card that was included in WIZARDS Guide To Comics #44 (Apr-95) has "Dot Patrol" on the front. The back has:

The Mega-Hit of Saturday Morning TV in a Mega-Hot Card Set!

ReBoot logo 150-Card Series, Plus 25 Chase Cards. ReBoot (tm) & © 1994
Mainframe Joint Venture
[JPG: poster]

Pull-out Poster

Also included in this magazine (WIZARDS Guide To Comics #44, Apr-95) was a two-page centerfold. One side was a continuation of the magazine's front cover - featuring the girls from "Gen 13". The other side has the cast of ReBoot. (1024x600 JPEG, 123K)

[Author's note: This was scanned in two passes with a 5-inch hand scanner. That explains the subtle discontinuity going across the middle of the image.]

Special Advertisement Section

Pages 107-110 of WIZARDS Guide To Comics #44 (Apr-95)

(page 107)

ReBoot Premiere Edition

ReBoot logo

Fleer Ultra "ReBoot"

Computer Generated Imagery
High-Tech Special Effects
Terminally Cool Characters

(pictures of #4: "Megabyte", #120: "Glitch Cutter", and #84: "Dot Patrol".)

(page 108)

Computer Generated Imagery,

high-tech stories, and state-of-the-art chase cards compile to make Fleer Ultra Reboot March 1995's hottest set!

The Megahit of Saturday Morning!

The ReBoot animated series is taking Saturday morning by storm. Airing at 8:30 AM EDT/PDT on ABC, its tearing up the competition. Taking today's technology to the limits, ReBoot is displayed exclusively in CGI -- Computer Generated Imagery. A visually captivating combination of computer graphics, software lingo and ping-zing action, ReBoot is a hit with kids and teens. This high-energy ground breaker is just the right format to make ReBoot a number one hit with trading card collectors.
(pictures of #19: "Bob Wants You", #52: "Enzo Reboots")

(page 109)

Fleer: An Icon in Cards!

Continuing a long line of successful card sets such as Fleer Ultra X-Men '94, Marvel Cards Spider-Man, '94 Flair Marvel Universe, and '94 Marvel Masterpieces, Fleer logs on in March 1995 with Fleer Ultra ReBoot.



Three state-of-the-art limited-edition chase card sets featuring:
HOLOBLAST Terminally cool cards featuring computer-generated images joined with three-dimensional holograms.
CHROMIUM Totally tubular chromium cards featuring the heroes and villains of Mainframe!
SUSPENDED ANIMATION High-tech images of Mainframe's key characters.
(pictures of #119: "Megabyte's Grasp" and #1: "Dot Matrix".)
(The pictures on this page and the next are mislabelled; "Compu Boss" is the one with Dot wearing glasses.)
(page 110)
(pictures of #5: "Hexadecimal" and #42: "Compu Boss".)

Fleer Ultra Reboot - Checklist


The checklist published in the magazine is wrong. The list of images changed between the time the ad was created and when the cards came out. Most of the names printed there did not make the final cut. The only things right in the magazine's checklist are the "KEY PLAYERS" (cards 1 through 9 and a half) and the description of the special cards (HOLOBLAST, CHROMIUM, and SUSPENDED ANIMATION).
See Joe's checklist or Steve's checklist for a full list.

Wayne Farmer ( informs me there is an 8.5" x 11" promo sheet for the Reboot cards with pictures of 9 cards:

"Dragon Chase" does not appear part of the set any more. This closest I've seen is #78. "Battle to the Bone", #81. "Armor Clad Bob", and #C7. "Sir Bob". The labels to "Dot Matrix" and "Compu Boss" were switched; they printed wrong in the promo.

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