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Trading Cards, 1995

Fleer Ultra Reboot - Checklist

These cards were available during the summer of 1995. They are now out of print and very difficult to find.

    Key Players

  1. Dot Matrix (with sign to Dot's Diner in background)
  2. Bob (on a zip-board in the Data Dump)+
  3. Enzo (just him)+
  4. Megabyte (low angle shot lookup up at the big meany)-
  5. Hexadecimal (in front of an arch, looking fierce)+
  6. Frisket (the dog)+
  7. Phong (holding a supercharged Viral Erase Command)+
  8. Cecil (at a jaunty angle)
  9. Hack (the red one)
  10. Slash (the blue one)

    Data File

    (Has name, format, function, and sound byte.)

  11. Dot (on a leopard-skin picnic blanket)+
  12. Bob (looking slightly surprised)+
  13. Enzo (with a smirk)+
  14. Megabyte (showing sharp fingernails, left arm turned to stone)+
  15. Hexy (smiling, with claws extended)
  16. Hack & Slash (blue floor, yellow border)+
  17. Phong (in the middle of playing a game of Pong)
  18. Frisket (growling)+

    The Guardian

    (Focus on Bob)

  19. Bob Wants You (finger pointing, car in background)
  20. A Job For Glitch (Bob pressing on Glitch)+
  21. Watchful Eyes (close up of side of his face)
  22. Hard Driver (Bob in his car, wearing seatbelt)
  23. Software Scare (Bob looking shocked; mouth wide open)+
  24. Surge Protector (Grim looking, leaning forward aggressively)
  25. Mission Man (Bob carrying viral eraser, Principle Office in background)+
  26. Disarmed Guardian (sneaking up on software pirates, without Glitch)
  27. On The Hunt (wearing goggles from Starship Alcatraz)


    (Focus on Megabyte.)

  28. Megabyte's Face (showing three rows of sharp teeth)-
  29. Pumped Up (squeezing Nibbles until it turns blue)+
  30. Wicked Window (specifications for the UNFORMAT command)+
  31. The Prize (displaying the Medusa Bug, red background)+
  32. Mega Threat (crawling up the side of a building)+
  33. Evil Looks On (looking into holding tank)+
  34. Powering Up (connected to pink harness)
  35. Mega Tear (demanding that Bob stabilize the tear)+
  36. Evil Clutches (showing his claws)+

    Love That Dot

    (Focus on Dot.)

  37. Cover Girl (close up of face)
  38. File Manager (wearing glasses, secretary in Vid Window behind her)+
  39. Dot -- The Eyes (pulling down her shades, out in park)
  40. Dot's Crew (blond One in a bikini, redhead Zero with green shades)
  41. Not Again! (Dot looking surprised)
  42. Compu-Boss (Dot wearing glasses and black+white outfit, at bar of Diner)-
  43. Picnic Pause (on the leopard skin picnic blanket, up on one elbow)-
  44. Body Copy (at the gym, white leotard and black leggings)+
    This scene is not in any of the first 23 episodes.
  45. Bombshell (in an out-of-character costume: a red miniskirt!)+
    This scene is not in any of the first 23 episodes.

    Mischief Maker

    (Focus on Enzo.)

  46. Delivery Boy (in Diner, "Enzo's Overwrite Delivery Service")
  47. Puppy Love (Frisket's head is almost bigger than Enzo)
  48. Turbo Yo Yo (distracting to Hack and Slash)+
  49. Thrill Ride (driving an Armored Binome Carrier)+
  50. Hyper Activity (Enzo sitting on Bob at the Diner)
  51. En Guarde! (holding a stun saber)
  52. Enzo Reboots (pressing icon on his cap, red bar in background)
  53. I'm Not Basic! (he protests)
  54. Bad Boy (with an evil grin)

    Queen Of Chaos

    (Focus on Hexadecimal.)

  55. Hexy's Face (close up, very wide open mouth)+
  56. Mistress Of Mayhem (reaching out to grab you)+
  57. Lost Angles Lady (standing on Gilded Gate Bridge, shooting fireballs)
  58. Her Majesty (seated on throne, smiling, holding a happy mask)
  59. Crocodile Tears (tears of fake sympathy)
  60. Struttin' Her Stuff (scene from opening credits)+
  61. Terminal Tease (crouching down near the sea)
  62. Personality Shift (happy face but threatening claws, on GGB)-
  63. Fiendish Footprint (standing tall, looking menacing)+

    Bit Parts

  64. Mike (looking pumped up)
  65. Scuzzy (the cat-like critter)
  66. Binomes (group of eleven)+
  67. Dino DeHorrendous (the movie director)++
  68. Captain Capacitor (the Crimson Binome)+
  69. Mr. Christopher (accountant holding up a clipboard)+
  70. Princess Bula (at the bottom of the stairs)+
  71. Software Pirate (a One holding the ship's steering wheel)
  72. Mouse (close up of face, showing filigree tatoos)+
  73. Lt. Chauncey (viral One with commander's cap, on an ABC)+
  74. Stripe (orange and black hair, orange/white/black stripes on shirt)++
  75. Rasta Mon (scarlet face, control points in his dreadlocks)+

    ReBoot Games

  76. Danger Ahead (Dot and Bob after the race, "This is not good")+
  77. Formula 1 (Enzo driving racecar)+
  78. Battle to the Bone (Bob in gold fighting skeleton)
  79. Armor Pile (Dot in gray armor, knocked to the floor)+
  80. Lady Enzo (Enzo's costume has his legs off the floor)
  81. Armor Clad Bob (in golden armor standing on top of table)+
  82. Bone Warrior (skull in old battered helmet)+
  83. Heavy Metal (Bob falling into pit full of steely spikes)+
  84. Dot Patrol (carrying two big PCU guns)+
  85. Command Leader (at control panel of Starship Alcatraz)+
  86. Corrupt File (the User as escaped prisoner in Starship Alcatraz)
  87. Hunting The User (Bob at foot of stairs holding a big PCU gun)++
  88. System Bug (big round prisoner knocking Bob off elevator)
  89. Quick Draw (Dot holding chip in Alcatraz)-
  90. Retro Dot (in Star Fighter just outside Ice Cave)+
  91. Nice Catch! (Megabyte holding Dot after her Star Fighter is hit)+
  92. Dot's Magic (holding wizard's crystal ball)+
  93. Sneak Peek (Bob as thief looking around a corner)
  94. TV Warrior (Mike as a barbarian with big sword)
  95. Elfin Magic (Enzo with bow and arrow)-
  96. Skullipede (white worm with yellow teeth and skull head)++
  97. System Spiker (hefty User with spiked mace)++
  98. Fu Man Chooser (User as Chinese magic man)+
  99. Macro Monster (User's green goblin thief)+
  100. Knightmare (black knight with sword upraised)+
  101. Super Freak (User's red athlete)+
  102. Triple Team (User's yellow, orange, and blue athletes)+
  103. Mega Flop (General Dot after having her fort blown up)
  104. Biker Babe (in black leather, near white/violet motorcycle)
    This scene is not from any of the first 23 episodes

    Program Blips

  105. Power Band (Glitch extends an orange bar)-
  106. Hex Marks The Spot (Enzo and Frisket running from Hex)+
  107. Prize Possession (Megabyte holding Medusa Bug, blue background)-
  108. Elbow Room (Bob measures size of tear, Megabyte stands by)+
  109. The Chase Is On (Frisket and Enzo running away from Hexy's lair)+
  110. Nose Job (Bob tweaks the supercharged V8 inside Frisket's nose)+
  111. Sitting Pretty Evil (Hex on throne, legs crossed)-
  112. Back Seat Driver (Dot driving Bob's car, Bob looking upset)
  113. Sisterly Advice (Dot talking to Enzo)
  114. Reigning Champ (Bob looking down)++
  115. Port of Call (Dot with megaphone)+
  116. Heavenly Hologram (Dot's apology to Bob)
  117. Motherly Advise (Dot talking to evacuating binomes)
  118. Cyber Romance (Bob and Dot at the park after fake apologies)+
  119. Megabyte's Grasp (MB holding Enzo, demanding his magnet back)+
  120. Glitch Cutter (Glitch turning into a cutter)+
  121. Dancing Queen (Princess Bula pops up out of deck of ship)+
  122. Stun Sabre (Bob holding the file-lockout weapon)+
  123. Dog Chow (Frisket eating the UNFORMAT command)+
  124. Hex's Clutches (Hex flying circles around Bob in a noose)
  125. Dead End (Bob caught by Megabyte's harness gun)++
  126. Hi Ho Frisket (Enzo riding on Frisket to get away from MB)
  127. Friendly Foes (Hexadecimal gloating as Megabyte's arm turns to stone)
  128. Cliff Hanger (Megabyte hanging on the outside of his Tor)-
  129. Admiral Matrix (Dot with pirate's hat)
  130. Holo-Dot (fake hologram of Dot making an apology)
  131. System Bomb (Dot after small tear blows up in her face in "The TIFF")+
    (The text on back of the card talks about Enzo being upset with everyone going 8-bit, but this picture is not from "Enzo the Smart".)
  132. Software Package (Hexadecimal cozying up to Bob)
  133. Enzo Captured (Slash and Hack grab him on his way home from school)
  134. Fetch Format (Enzo is tied up and Frisket has just saved him)
  135. Stone Cold Mean (Megabyte turned to stone, but his eyes still glow red)
  136. Power Struggle (Megabyte tries to push Bob off a tower)
  137. Terrible Twosome (Hack and Slash blocking the way)
  138. Serious Interfacing (MB taunting Bob and Enzo via a two-sided Vid Window)+
  139. Best Face Forward (Hexadecimal rejects the mask with timer)+
  140. Bogey Man (Megabyte running down a tunnel)
  141. Decimal's Point (Hexadecimal holding a fireball and pointing)
  142. Playing Catch (Frisket catches cannonball that the pirates fired)+
  143. Head to Head (Megabyte confronts Enzo, up close and personal)+
  144. Mega Mission (Slash and Hack executing orders from Megabyte)+
  145. Binome Squad (viral binomes covered by a B.S.'n P Approved liferaft)++
  146. Late Night With Mike (Mike interviewing Coach Enzo)+
  147. Face to Face (Megabyte holding Bob up to his eye level)-
  148. The Getaway (Bob running from Hack and Slash)+


  149. Checklist 1 (cards 1-75, same image as heroes) (The description of cards 76-83 should be here, but they're not.)
  150. Checklist 2 (cards 84-150, C1-C10, SA1-SA10, HB1-HB5, same image as poster)


(Cards stamped with metallic foil.)
  1. Circuit Racer (Dot in a Formula-1 car)-
  2. Interstellar Virus (Megabyte's head)-
  3. Cosmic Captain (looking pensive, white uniform)
  4. Damsel in Distress (Enzo looking peeved)
  5. Space Cop (Dot on patrol with big guns)
  6. Floppy Driver (Enzo in a Formula-1 car)-
  7. Track Baller (Bob in a Formula-1 car)-
  8. Rocket Attack (Dot in white, looking determined)
  9. Sir Bob (knight in gold armor)
  10. Armed Guardian (Bob carrying a PCU gun)

Suspended Animation

(Transparent cards, image visible from both sides.)
  1. Dot (in a crouch)
  2. Bob (falling)-
  3. Enzo (on a zip-board)-
  4. Megabyte (on the edge of a platform)-
  5. Hack (near edge of platform)-
  6. Hexadecimal (cape open, holding orange ball lightning)
  7. Frisket (jumping)
  8. Phong (head tilted, saying something)
  9. Slash ()-
  10. Cecil and Mike (Cecil grabbing Mike's rabbit ears)


(The first name on each card is shown as a silver hologram, the second name is shown as a color image in a Vid Window.)
  1. Enzo and Megabyte (Enzo on a hallway)
  2. Megabyte and Hexadecimal (MB sitting in his control chair)
  3. Hexadecimal and Bob ()-
  4. Bob and Dot (Bob in his apartment)
  5. Dot and Enzo (Dot at the Diner)

Promo Card

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