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ReBoot Reincarnations coming

From: (Bill Joe)
Subject: Article in August 15/96 Vancouver Sun Newspaper
Date: 15 Aug 1996 19:16:38 GMT

[3"x5" Picture: Dot, Enzo, Bob; Caption: "ReBoot: created in Vancouver, seen in more than 50 countries"]

Already deep into merchandising efforts that include lunch boxes, bed sheets, action figures and lampshades, the Vancouver-based, computer-animated TV series ReBoot is stretching ever further to produce films for IMAX Corporation, to be released next spring.

Ian Pearson, one of ReBoot's creators and an executive producer at Vancouver's Mainframe Entertainment, says the company is currently producing two short ReBoot episodes to be screened in IMAX Ridefilm locations around the world.

The Ridefilm theatres, which are actually motion-simulated rides that pitch and roll with the onscreen action, feature a 180-degree wrap-around screen and high-quality surround sound that envelopes the viewer.

"It's a totally immersive experience," Pearson said of Ridefilm. "It's like a roller coaster without the danger."

The closest Ridefilm theatres to Vancouver, however, are Toronto's Palladium and in Las Vegas.

The ReBoot series, which airs on YTV in Canada three times a week, is staged in the microprocessor world of a computer mainframe, where the computer guardians are locked in constant struggle with an evil virus named Megabyte.

The show began a successful run on ABC in 1993, and has since branched out to air on more than 100 TV stations in the U.S. and in 50 countries. In animation-crazed Japan, where the show is aimed at adults rather than children, it enjoys a prime-time slot on the programming roster.

When ReBoot first aired, it was the only three-dimensional animated program to use computer-generated imagery (CGI) exclusively. Now, Mainframe produces another CGI show, Beast Wars: Transformers, and has a third in the works.

Television is only one aspect of Mainframe, and Ridefilm could be a springboard to new opportunities. "It's a good step for us into the realm of feature films," Pearson said.

He said there's also a good chance ReBoot will end up on the mega-screens of full-size IMAX theatres. The high-resolution of the 70-millimetre IMAX film may be rendered even sharper by LCD crystal stereoscopic viewer glasses, currently in development, that will produce a clarity he described as "unbelievable."

And if that weren't enough to keep Mainframe animators and programmers working late nights and long hours, Pearson said the company's games division is working with Electronic Arts, a U.S.-based computer game production company, to develop a ReBoot game for the Sony Playstation. He hopes it will reach the market by next February or March.

Despite the success of Mainframe and the widespread popularity of ReBoot, Pearson said it's still hard to lure top-notch senior animators away from the bright lights of Hollywood based on a TV reputation.

"We just can't get staff, that's the only problem," Pearson said. "It'll take feature films to get the cream back up here."

More home videos: Brain & Talent

'ReBoot' video library adds cyber-oriented kids' shows
Billboard Magazine, 9-Feb-96

The following children's videos are now available:

The latest two additions to PolyGram's "ReBoot" video library bolster the growing reputation of these cyber-minded, generation-spanning adventures, which have earned the ABC series a steady following among children and Generation Xers alike. Each slickly animated episode chronicles -- in user-friendly computer jargon -- another virtual adventure in MainFrame, a hi-tech "city" located within a computer that is controlled by outside users but susceptible to two dangerous viruses.

Beastie Toys

From SPOTLIGHT VANCOUVER, a feature of the Vancouver BC edition of TV Guide.
January 27, 1996

You've already stretched the parameters of computer-generated animation on television with ReBoot, the groundbreaking children's series seen on YTV and ABC. What's an animator to do for an encore?

The ReBoot team is following up with the tentatively-title Beast Wars: Transformers, currently in production in Vancouver and slated for full syndication this fall.

Beast Wars will, however, be based on a line of toys: the Transformers, by the Hasbro Toy Group.

Mention of Transformers might invoke a sense of deja vu, since viewers may recall another animated series based on the popular toys, which began airing about a decade ago.

"The show's a lot different from what Transformers was in the mid-80's," says producer Chris Brough. "I think what Hasbro recognized was a changing audience that had perhaps grown more sophisticated."

Both the show and the toys will have a completely new look. Instead of mutating from robots to vehicles, the characters now change from robots into animals. Their challenge is to survive the show's harsh environment, a Mars-like planet stuck somewhere back in time. "We wanted to show another look from computers than we had in ReBoot," says Brough.

While it may seem like sheer marketing to twin a toy line to a TV series, Brough says the intent is to produce a show that can stand on its own merit. "The product is brilliant," he says, "but a show has to sustain itself. Just because it's a toy-driven show is not any guarantee of an audience."

- Guy Saddy

[The TV Guide article showed a picture of a T-Rex-like dinosaur. The caption was "MEGATRON, star of upcoming BEAST WARS".]

"Game Players" magazine, Feb 96

From: (Scott Mankey)
Date: Tue Jan 23 18:12:08 PST 1996
Subject: ReBoot Video Game

I just found this little blurb in the Feb 96 issue of "Game Players" magazine:

"Winner of this years Gemini Award for Best Animated Program, "ReBoot" is a computer-generated wonder created in Vancouver Canada by Alliance Communications Corporation. Recently securing its second season on ABC, "ReBoot" has been turning heads and making people take an extremely close look at the art of computer-generated animation. So what do you do with a hit animated series once the television and merchandising is in order? You make a videogame, of course. From industry giants Electronic Arts, "ReBoot" will appear on PlayStation, Saturn, and PC CD ROM. If the game turns out to be anywhere near as good as the animated series, then we're all in for a treat!"

Ottawa Sun - January 17/96

From: (Mike McFaul)
Subject: Reboot better than a movie

Interesting thing I read in the Ottawa Sun (Ottawa Canada that is) (Jan 17th paper), a movie reviewer reviewing "Lawn Mower Man II" said the movie was boring! The last sentence in the review: "Stay home and watch ReBoot!" :-)

Hack and Slash voice actors

From: (ian boothby)
Subject: hack and slash
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 20:07:19 GMT
Organization: MIND LINK! - British Columbia, Canada

If you want to see Phil Hayes (Hack) he's in the movie Powder. He's Powder's dad and does a very emotional scene off the top. Gary Chalk (Slash) was just seen dancing and singing in the tv version of Bye Bye Birdie. Phil's a very funny stand up and Gary performed for many years with Vancouver Theatresports. Both damned nice guys.

Ian Boothby

ReBoot Movie

From: (Martin Bell)
Newsgroups: alt.cartoon.reboot
Subject: Reboot movie?
Date: 20 Jun 1995 15:23:10 GMT

Reboot was the main topic of our local TV guide this week in Calgary and it mentions a movie is in the works. The article says that it's been launched in the U.K. So is anyone from the UK of A seen it yet. Better than Doctor Who eh.

martin FAQ

Question #010: Has anyone seen or know anything about the cartoon "Reboot"?
Answer: Reboot is produced by Alliance Communications and BLT Productions in Vancouver. They use SGI hardware and Softimage software (along with their own propietary stuff for facial animation and lip sync). They don't use motion capture. They started production in 1994 (though the show's copyright lists a 1991 date), and the show is now in its second season. An "Unofficial" Reboot home page is at: URL: [note: Reboot episodes are reportedly available for sale in the UK]

Tony Jay

From: (User Support)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.animation
Subject: Voices on 'The Tick'
Date: 26 May 1995 21:43:38
IBTALKN ( wrote:
And yes, Tony Jay (Chairface) is Virgil on Mighty Max... BTW, Tony is also the new villain, Dregg (replacing Shredder) on the coming season of Ninja Turtles on CBS.
Tony Jay's really busy! I guess that's why they killed Nigel St. John on the season finale of Lois & Clark. In addition to all of the above, he remains (I hope) the voice of Megabyte on ReBoot. I didn't notice that he played Chairface Chippendale on The Tick; I'll have to listen for that.

[Also, Paracelus in "Beauty & The Beast" TV series, Shere Khan in "Tale Spin", and Judge Claude Frollo in Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame". -Joe]

Brendan McCarthy

From: "goggans, debi or grant" (GOGGANS@MUSIC.CC.UGA.EDU)
Newsgroups: alt.cartoon.reboot,rec.arts.animation
Subject: Re: ReBoot: What other projects have the animators worked on?
Date: 30 APR 95 18:26:30 EST

If anyone's keeping track of the behind-the-scenes batch, I note from the credits that character designs are by Brendan McCarthy and Ian Gibson. These are two of the biggest pioneers in British comic art since the 1980s, with their work in 2000 AD, where they, working individually, created the most distinctive and stunning look Judge Dredd has ever received. It's good to know they're still busy, and if anyone sees Ian, tell him to do another Robo-Hunter story sometime soon. We miss him.

Vancouver Sun - March 8/95

From: (Andy Hill)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.animation
Subject: Reboot Fans - Info
Date: 20 Mar 1995 16:45:54 GMT
Organization: Infoserve Technology Ltd.

Not a huge Reboot fan myself, but I know some of you are - and we get some information in the Vancouver dailies that don't make it to the wire services.

ABC and YTV have ordered two seasons worth, and in Britain - the show is already number one on the independent British network ITV - with a whopping 68 percent market share.

There are now broadcast agreements in something like 24 countries, and Fuji TV in Japan have committed to placing the show in a primetime slot. 32 British and 30 North American companies have signed licensing agreement in place for merchandise, and Fleer (who is owned by Marvel Comix along with Malibu) are licensed to produce 200 Reboot trading cards.

There are going to be comforter covers, lunchboxes, underwear, and games. Irwin toys holds the Canadian rights to the manufacture of the action figures, and they should hit stores by Christmas if not before.

On the technical side, Reboot employs 44 people (28 of which are Canadian CGI folks) and they use 28 SGI workstations with Indigo processors, Silicon graphics hardware, and SoftImage software to create the show.

(Largely plagiarized from an article in the "Vancouver Sun" - March 8/95)

Chance (DYN that some of these folks created the Dire Straits video "Money for Nothing" - and the CGI characters from it may appear in Reboot?)

WIZARD Guide To Comics - April 1995

Premier Edition Dot and Enzo From: (Douglas K Vanderhoek)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.animation
Subject: Re: Reboot Fans - Info
Date: 21 Mar 1995 06:11:47 GMT
Organization: Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa USA

whole cast Attention Reboot fans! WIZARD Guide To Comics #44 (Apr-95) comes with a promotional card from the upcoming ReBoot card set. It looks like a GREAT set, with plenty of hi-res shots from the show, plus chromium and hologram specials.

Also, there's a small Reboot poster in the magazine, an it's AWESOME!! It features all the main characters standing around the Reboot logo. It's about 11" x 17", and a must-have for any fan.

Toon Magazine, Fall 1994

Vol. 1, No. 5, page 22
This unique new series is for compuer literate "kids" of all ages. Utilizing state-of-the-art computer animation, the action-adventure series reveals the imaginative world inside a personal computer, and features as its hero, Bob, who accidentally winds up in the high-tech metropolis of Mainframe. Bob's backgound (he's from the fast-paced city of Super Computer) gives him the edge to battle the power-hungry computer virus Megabyte, his sidekicks Hack and Slash, and the villaness Hexadecimal, who are determined to outwit him and gain control of the city. Viral binomes and vexing computer games appear without warning, thrusting Bob into a battle of wits to protect the digital citizens of Mainframe from being deleted. Brought to you from Alliance Communications and BLT Limited.

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