The Sectors of Mainframe
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Locations in Mainframe

oblique view

The sectors

The Principle Office is at the very center of Mainframe, and the reset of the city is divided into six sectors. This is seen most clearly in the opening credits, when Bob says "Systems, people, cities, to this place: Mainframe." (A VCR with a good freeze-frame is handy for seeing this.)

Locations at Alliances's Reboot site

The 1st Official ReBoot Home Page had a much better tour of Mainframe. Each tour page has a round green map at the bottom. Clicking on the center of the map jumps to the Principle Office; clicking near the edges of the map jumped to the other sectors. (Be sure to click on each picture there; some images have hot spots bringing up details on various vehicles.)

Note: The Alliance map is rotated 30 degrees counter clockwise with respect to the view presented here, which came from the opening sequence.

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