Specific Locations
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Dot's Diner

Upper level in the Baudway sector, near the tall buildings in the main shopping district. It is at the intersection of two major roads, judging by all the traffic that goes by. A billboard for "Ray's Custom Zipboard" is on the building behind the diner.

Bob's Apartment

In the Kits sector, down by the docks, it is in a round 5-story building with a rotating 8-ball on the roof. He is working on restoring an old car, red, with fins like a 1958 Caddy. The car is seen (and heard) working in "The Great Brain Robbery". Mike the TV appears to share the apartment with Bob ("The TIFF").

Principle Office

Many wires carrying the digits 1 and 0 converge at a white and orange ball at Mainframe's axis. This is where Phong lives.


The Archives are in the basement of the Principal Office. This heavily shielded locked area holds all the important records.

Megabyte's Tor

Upper level in the industrial sector. It has a tower that looks like a cobra, and extends down into the lower level.

Hexadecimal's Lair

Is underground, inside the island of Lost Angles. (Lost Angles is connected to the city of Mainframe by a creepy looking foot bridge.) The Lair is under the pavement; Hexadecimal opens up a hole in the ground to bring visitors to her throne room.

Old Man Pearson's Data Dump

The dump is in sector 1001 on the lower level, not too far from Megabyte's lair. Mr. Pearson has a lot of street sweepers (Seen "In the Belly of the Beast".)

Floating Point

A park with benches. Seen in "The TIFF" and Gigabyte.

Other places

The Algorithm Theatre, the Bus Terminals. Vid Windows everywhere.

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