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This is a list of the Reboot action figures from the Irwin Toy company. Canadians can find these toys in most large toy stores. U.S. residents can purchase toys via mail order. (Irwin has a separate page for the action figures with CD-ROM.

30000 - Colorful 3-inch Figures (set of 12)

30001 - 5.5-inch Action Figures (set of 7)

Series 1:

30002 - Micro Playsets (set of 3)

30004 - Bob's V262 Turbo Drophead Car

Use Glitch from the 5.5-inch Bob to activate the car's ignition.
This is a limited edition item, may be hard to find.

31330 - Exoskeleton

Power suit from "Infected", holds a 5-inch figure (such as Dot). Extremely detailed and finely articulated; the molds for this toy were created from the 3D wireframe used in the show.

31300 - 5.5-inch Color Change Figures (set of 7)

Series 2:

30066 - 5.5-inch figure with Binome (set of 8)

Series 3:

30677 - 5.5-inch figures with CD-ROM (set of 8)

Series 4:

Other Irwin toys

Other items

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