Press Kit: Beast Wars, 18-Jun-97
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Mainframe Entertainment Inks Second Season Deal for Beasties/Beast Wars/Transformers TV Series

For immediate release - (Vancouver, B.C.) Christopher Brough, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mainframe Entertainment, Inc. announced today that the Vancouver-based producer of computer animation has completed an agreement with Alliance Communications of Toronto and Hasbro Toys of Cincinatti to produce a second season of Beasties (known as Beast Wars outside Canada), consisting of 13 half hour epsiodes.

The show is Mainframes second 100% computer animated series and in its last season proved to be the highest rated television series for boys aged 6 -11 both on YTV in Canada and in syndication in the U.S., according to Neilsen ratings.

The appetite for a second season of Beasties reinforces the concept that there is a growing global audience for 3D computer animation on television, said Brough. As well, the action figure toy line depicting characters from the show enjoyed unprecedented sales in the lead up to Christmas 1996 and continues to remain strong, even though the shows first season is now in reruns.

Mainframe is best known for its critically acclaimed and publicly popular, award-winning television series ReBoot, which was the worlds first ever 100% computer animated television production, and is currently in its third season of production.

In partnership with IMAX Corporation, Mainframe is producing two IMAX Ridefilms for the worldwide market. The first Ridefilm(, designed specifically for the IMAX motion platform, is due for release later this year.

Mainframe and Electronic Arts, a world leader in the development of computer games, are producing a computer game based on the ReBoot property, Countdown To Chaos, which features real time animation produced at Mainframe. The game is set for its debut at the E3 trade show and convention in Atlanta, Georgia June 19, 1997, and worldwide release will follow in the Fall of this year.


BW season 2 announce
Date: June 18, 1997
Contact: Mairi Welman

                Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.
                2025 West Broadway, Suite 500
                Vancouver, B.C.   V6J 1Z6
                Tel: (604)714-2600
                Fax: (604)714-2641

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