Press Kit: Beast Wars (Nov 95)
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ALLIANCE Communications Corporation

Alliance partners with Hasbro Toy Group
in New Computer Animated Series

Beast Wars: Transformers TM
From the Creators of ReBoot TM

For Immediate Release:
Toronto, Ontario, November 21, 1995 - Alliance Communications Corporation and Hasbro Toy Group today announced a partnership to produce 26 half-hour episodes of Beast Wars: Transformers, a 3-D computer animated series. Production begins in January in Vancouver at the cutting edge computer animation facility responsible for the highly popular ReBoot series.

"Hasbro toys are enjoyed by millions of kids around the world", said Alliance Multi-Media President, Steven DeNure. "We're delighted to be able to mix the appeal of high quality computer animation with the proven success of one of the world's largest toy manufactures."

Beast Wars is based on the next version of Hasbro's Transformers Toy Series. Hasbro has been looking for a television vehicle that will help the company launch the new toy line. The series will add new value to the state of the art animation proces developed for the production of ReBoot which is in its second season on ABC and remains a top-rated show on YTV in Canada.

"Hasbro has searchd for a television opportunity that will make the show as unique and fun as we believe the toys will be", said Tom McGrath, Sr. Vice President, Boys Toys, Hasbro Toy Group. "We're convinced that the 3-D animation developed by Alliance and Mainframe will give us the product we're looking for."

Beast Wars is produced by Mainframe Entertainment, a partnership between Alliance, ReBoot producer Chris Brough and ReBoot co-creator, Ian Pearson. With both ReBoot and Beast Wars in Production, Mainframe has become one of the most prolific producers of 3-D computer animation in the world.

Hasbro retains broadcast rights in the United States and Japan. Alliance distributes worldwide.

For more information, contact:
Robert Pattillo
Senior Vice-President, Corporate Communications
Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416)967-1174

920 Yonge Street - Suite 400 - Toronto - Ontario - Canada - M4W 3C7
Tel. 416/967-1174 - Fax 416/960-0971
Montréal - Los Angeles - Paris

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