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These descriptions came from Alliance Corporation in February 1995.



Ever wonder how a computer really works? What happens when you turn on the power and boot up? Ask BOB. Bob knows because he lives inside your PC in the magical city that comes to life when you turn on the switch and electrical impulses surge through all those microchips and what-not. The city is called MAINFRAME and its a bustling super-high-tech metropolis filled with computer SPRITES just like Bob. Well, sort of like Bob. Bob is a new arrival to Mainframe having only recently modemed in from the advanced technology of the SUPER COMPUTER, where things are even faster, bigger and more complex than in Mainframe.

Since his accidental arrival, Bob has become Mainframe's most popular hero. With the use of GLITCH, a multi-functional gizmo he wears on his wrist, Bob can prevent and repair electronic damage in Mainframe. His Super Computer training also give Bob an edge in fighting two computer viruses that threaten Mainframe, the eloquently evil MEGABYTE who is programmed to take over the computer and HEXADECIMAL, a Medusa with mood-reflecting masks, programmed to create chaos.

The electronic environment of Mainframe is controlled by an invisible character, THE USER, the operator of the computer in which Mainframe is located. When the User decides to play a computer game, the Game descends from the 'sky' in an ominous dark cube, taking over a whole SECTOR of Mainframe. THE GAMES can strike anywhere at any time, forcing the Sprites trapped inside to compete with The User in a battle against alien invaders, demonic hedgehogs, jet planes, tanks, ninjas, NBA All-Stars and the Italian guys with big moustaches. But the Games aren't all fun. Should The User win the Game, the entire sector goes OFF-LINE, destroying it and transforming the hapless sprites trapped inside into mindless, energy-eating NULLS. Bob's masterful performance has saved many a sector from ruin and its citizens from becoming nullified.

Since Bob's arrival, the peaceful citizens of Mainframe have a champion to protect and defend them - and they want to keep it that way. They work hard to make Bob feel welcome and wanted by his new neighbourhood. And as he struggles to fit into a different life, he grows more and more attached to his new home, especially to an attractive entrepreneur, DOT, who owns the local diner, and her energetic little brother, ENZO.


Before coming to Mainframe, Bob was a top level Guardian Program at the Super Computer's Port Authority. He was designed to prevent unauthorized access and apprehend illegal entries. In the Super Computer, Bob may have been at the top of his field, but he was still just one of hundreds of sub-routines.

In Mainframe, Bob is a big hero. This new status makes Bob feel important and good about himself. Because he hails from the Super Computer, Bob moves faster than anyone in Mainframe and exhausts his hew friends with his non-stop energy. Bob is always doing something, initiating action and taking the lead. He's a hands-on, do-it-now, figure-it-out-later kind of guy.

His speed and take-charge attitude makes him the best gamester in Mainframe and the unofficial protector of the other Sprites. Whether he is taking part in a Game or outwitting Megabyte, you can bet that Bob is fighting for the underdog and the safety of Mainframe.

Although in Mainframe Bob is a hero, at heart he is an ordinary working class Sprite with ordinary dreams - and what we would recognize as very human fallibilities. As he struggles to fit into the slower community-style family life of Mainframe, Bob finds himself liking it more and more - and he's grown particularly fond of two of its residents, Dot and her little brother, Enzo.


Dot is an irrepressible steady planner or more precisely, a workaholic who seems to plan everything in advance. Organized and independent, it's Dot's function to be productive and orderly. Her deep sense of compassion and community make Dot the de-facto leader and problem solver of Mainframe.

Dot likes to have fun but it's not easy to find the time in her busy schedule. An ambitious low-key entrepreneur, Dot energetically dabbles in one business after another. Her favourite enterprise is Dot's Diner, a popular community hang-out and gathering place located near a busy intersection on the GROUND LEVEL.

Like Bob, Dot is a bit fearless herself. She doesn't like the Games, but if trapped inside one, she'll roll up her sleeves and jump in to do her part without complaining.

Although Dot loves her neighbours and her businesses (and even harbours a special feeling for Bob), without any competition, her greatest love is her little brother, Enzo.


Enzo is Dot's kid brother, a hyperactive tyke who's two pints of pure adrenaline crammed into a pint-sized kid. He's a digital Dennis the Menace - at 1000 RPMs - a whirling bundle of misdirected energy.

Enzo envies his sister for her savvy business abilities. He thinks Dot is one of the coolest people he knows. But Enzo dotes on Bob. Enzo doesn't just like Bob - he wants to be Bob. He'd give his left node to come from the Super Computer like Bob and he follows Bob around Mainframe - he tackles him and hangs on, hoping to get dragged into one of Bob's adventures with him.

Enzo is always following Bob into the Game sectors and making a nuisance of himself with his bubbling enthusiasm and his complete lack of concentration, caution or practicality. At times, when Bob is trying to save a whole Sector of the city from ruin, he has to turn his attention to the hapless Enzo - to save him from a fate worse than homework.


Megabyte is a virus created by a mischievous computer hacker. Megabyte 'invaded' Mainframe by stealth, attached to an innocent word processing program. Megabyte's function is to grow: to continually gain as much power and control as is virally possible.

No screaming megalomaniac, Megabyte is a gentleman with an evil grace about him. He is polite and intelligent, hiding his vicious viral nature behind a suave English accent and an unctuous feigned concern for others. Megabyte knows that this smooth style is his best weapon, but beneath the tolerant surface is a boiling impatience and an insatiable frustrated ambition for more and more.

Because he is a virus, Megabyte's appetite for power can never be satisfied; it's his function in life to extend his power indefinitely. Megabyte controls about one-third of Mainframe and his vision is to expand that to include all of Mainframe and beyond. He is constantly seeking out new access routes to the Super Computer. He doesn't really understand how the Super Computer works, but he knows its BIG and he likes the sound of that.

Megabyte may be the most powerful program in Mainframe, but he isn't invincible. He knows he has to use caution around clever do-gooders like Bob and Dot.


Hexadecimal is another virus that has infected the Mainframe PC. She lives in a warped section of the city called the City of Lost Angles, a bizarre and dangerous floating sector of Mainframe, accessible only by crossing the horribly distorted Gilded Gate Bridge.

Hexadecimal is Mainframe's queen of chaos and malfunction. Unlike Megabyte, Hexadecimal wasn't programmed to take over the computer. Like the real live 'Leonardo' virus, she's designed to disrupt the computer's functions. Her love is not power but chaos.

Hexadecimal has an array of masks with different expressions that she changes to suit her mood or more often, the impression she wants to create. As a personality, Hexadecimal is erratic and difficult to track. She is scary and dangerous because she is completely addicted to chaos and confusion, even if it means threatening her own existence. She is a kamikaze villain.

Her influence is strongest in Lost Angles and across the LOWER LEVELS of Mainframe, the dark and eerie places infested with Nulls. Hexadecimal has the uncanny ability to exert some control of the masses of mindless energy-eating Nulls.

Hexadecimal often stirs up trouble in Mainframe for both our heros and Megabyte. A dislike for her attacks and a healthy respect of the threat she poses is one of the only things Bob and Dot share with Megabyte.


Mainframe's spiritual mentor (of sorts), Phong is the oldest sprite in Mainframe, left over from the days of IBM 360's. In fact, Phong was the original way back when. His years of experience have given him an eclectic wisdom which he dispenses while levitating Buddha-like in his rec room. Unfortunately, Phong's pithy pronouncements came be more than a little confusing, as if he were translating them (poorly) from another language. Perhaps it's because he still thinks in Fortran.

The eccentric Phong was a champion P.O.N.G (Puck Oriented Non-linear Game) player in his youth. Anyone who comes seeking enlightenment has to beat him in a game of P.O.N.G. before he'll share his wisdom. This is incredibly easy for Bob, who, hailing from the Super Computer is about 10 times faster than Phong.

Though Phong is 'retired' and seems a bit loopy at times, he still holds a very important position in the Mainframe community. He is the Executive Secretary to the new who resides in the massive Principle Office, a large hub-like building in the centre of Mainframe. Phong is the executive doorman, not unlike the one seen in the Wizard of Oz. The new is usually so busy that we never actually see him. Phong brings messages in and out of the Principle Office. He also dispenses all awards and medals to citizens in the name of the

Bob and Dot suspect that Phong is still the but the eccentric Phong will never admit it.

Hack and Slash

Hack and Slash were designed to be Megabyte's muscle machines. They can suddenly bristle with weapons that can mechanically telescope, extend, and unfold into shape. Unfortunately, they're so heavily armoured that there isn't much room inside for things like brains. The have a combined IQ approaching that of a toaster oven. They're almost unbeatable in a fight, but laughably easy to confuse long enough to escape from them.


Megabyte's pet Null, a sort of executive toy with an attitude. Nibbles is a cross between an ill-tempered lap-dog and a balloon. Megabyte loves to bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate him - it's good for his stress. Nibbles always bounces back to his original bulbous shape, unhurt despite the horrendous screeching noises he makes while Megabyte is 'petting' him.


Scuzzy is Hexadecimal's little pet spy, a speedy wheeled "wotsit" who can replay scenes it has captured through a domed projector on the top of its round, somewhat feline body. Scuzzy is devious and slimy - a nasty piece of work willing to sell out to anyone. Scuzzy can't talk but he can communicate as well as any Sprite by replaying past recorded images to pull together patchwork sentences or mean-spirited comments. Whenever Scuzzy takes off, he spins like a top before zipping at high speed - usually smack into a wall or a door.


Frisket is a tough junk-yard dog, an alley stray who has adopted Enzo and Dot as his extended family. When the feral dog isn't roaming Mainframe, he hovers protectively just outside the door of Dot's diner, watching the comings and goings. To everyone in Mainframe, Frisket is an unapproachable cur. He'll growl at any Sprite who even thinks about touching him - except for Enzo. And if anyone tries to give Dot or Enzo a hard time, Frisket will let them know just how wild an animal he can be.

Mike the TV

Mike is the ultimate in live TV. He doesn't just bring the world into the Sprites' living room - he walks into the living room himself and tells them what's showing on his screen, with the voice and mannerisms of an obnoxious, hyped-up, motor-mouth emcee. And nobody can turn him off because the remote control ran away. It isn't easy to escape Mike because he can follow his reluctant audience all over Mainframe, bombarding them with news, talk shows, bad soap operas and commercials.


The super high tech metropolis that comes to life when The User boots up his computer. Mainframe is home to all of ReBoot's characters.

The much bigger city of advanced technology outside the world of Mainframe where Bob lived before he modemed into town.

The human operating the computer that contains the world of Mainframe. The User is never visible but still competes in The Games.

Mainframe's mayor (of sorts) and mighty leader. He is never seen as he has his Executive Secretary, Phong, make the proclamations, dispense wisdom and hand out commendations on his behalf.

A recurring phenomena in Mainframe. Electronic interferences caused by The User that descend upon Mainframe and take over an entire sector. The citizens trapped inside can 'reboot' to transform into game characters to compete against The User in the Game.

A sort of computerized Swiss Army knife that Bob acquired while working for the Super Computer Port Authority. It can change into whatever mechanical object or tool Bob needs to use.

The digital citizens of Mainframe who come to life when the computer is turned on and booted up. There are two types of Sprites: BINOMES and DATA SPRITES.

The majority of Mainframe's population. Robotic-looking sprites, most shaped like 0's and 1's and some in the form of other numbers. They do the physical labour such as word processing, graphics, and number crunching to keep the computer functioning.

Highly-evolved sprites like Bob, Dot and Enzo. They keep the Mainframe functioning by operating services such as buses, shops and restaurants.

Mainframe is divided into sectors. Each sector has a different function devoted to ensuring the smooth running of the computer. Sectors can be divided into four Levels: Towers, CAPACITOWERS, Ground Levels, and Lower Levels.

The tallest building in each Sector that oversees daily activities there.

The freeway running through a Sector providing a transportation route for the computer commuters.

The desolate and dingy underground industrial areas of a Sector that Sprites are wary of.

A Sector can go 'off-line' when The User wins a Game or due to an electronic malfunction. The Sector is completely demolished and the hapless Sprites inside are transformed into Nulls.

Disgusting little energy-eating slugs who dwell in the Lower Levels. They were once unfortunate Sprites who were 'nullified' when their Sector went 'off-line'.
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