Press Kit: August/September 1995
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ALLIANCE Communications Corporation


DATE: July 7, 1995
TO:   ABC, YTV, BLT, The Hub, Irwin Toys
FROM: Suzan Ayscough, Director of Communications
RE:   ReBoot - Home Page

On August 2nd we launch our ReBoot home page with a birthday party for Enzo. As you all likely know ABC is airing Talent Night, which celebrates Enzo turning one unit old and getting "upgraded"), on August 12 as a sneak preview for season II which officially kicks off Sept. 9 with Identity Crisis (part 1). They are in the new 10:30 time slot. (Special one hour rerun "packages" will air between the sneak and the official launch on ABC.)

Irwin Toys new home page will also be linked to the Alliance ReBoot page.

Do not hesitate to contact me on my publicity coordinator Carol Taverner for more details.

- Suze

Suzan Ayscough, Director of Communications
Alliance Communications Corporation
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Telephone: (416)967-1174
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