ReBoot Episode 22 guest star
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Look who's wearing a ReBoot cap

GA with cap GA wearing a cap

Pages 28 and 29 of the May 28, 1996 GLOBE.
(The one with "O.J. Ditched Bloody Clothes at Golf Club"
and Dolly Parton's diet on the front cover).

Mom's the word for X-Files star

X-CEPTIONAL mom Gillian Anderson took a break from her X-Files role as a fearless FBI agent to track down a carefree vacation on the X-quisitely beautiful island of Capri with her 19-month-old daughter Piper.

And GLOBE was there to capture these X-clusive photos. "Gillian seemed to delight in being just another anonymous mom enjoying the sights with her daughter," says an eyewitness.

Her art director husband Clyde Klotz couldn't make the trip. But the 27-year-old beauty, who plays agent Dana Scully, made the best of it with her mom and a nanny as they checked out local shops and strolled the island's back streets. When it came time for lunch, Mom stuck her tongue wa-a-y out to show Piper how much fun food can be. "They had a ball together," the eyewitness says.

Gillian Anderson take her 1.5-year-old on Roman holiday.

Gillian and daugher Piper roamed the streets on the Isle of Capri. Piper mostly just soaked up the sun, but mom was busy checking out the local wares and sampling some tasty treats.

[Note: The ReBoot cap Gillian is wearing was custom-made. Clyde Klotz, her husband at the time, is the production designer for Beast Wars.]

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