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In 1996, Claster Television sold the "Power Block" package to 105 independent TV stations in the US. That syndication package ran from 16-Sep-96 to 12-Sep-97. ReBoot was aired on Thursday mornings during that time. The "Power Block" also showed Beast Wars, the second 100% CGI animation from Mainframe Entertainment Inc. The second season of Beast Wars was carried by most of the same TV stations in 1997.

ReBoot has returned to US on the Cartoon Network starting March 1999.

"Power Block" schedule for 1996-1997

19-Sep-96 01 "The Tearing"
26-Sep-96 04 "Medusa Bug"
03-Oct-96 06 "In the Belly of the Beast"
10-Oct-96 09 "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor"
17-Oct-96 10 "The Great Brain Robbery"
24-Oct-96 14 "Infected"
31-Oct-96 16 "When Games Collide"
07-Nov-96 15 "High Code"
14-Nov-96 17 "Bad Bob"
21-Nov-96 20 "Nullzilla"
28-Nov-96 21 "Gigabyte"
not shown 22 "Trust No One"
not shown 23 "Web World Wars"
  Claster had the rights to just those 13 episodes.
05-Dec-96 01 "The Tearing"
12-Dec-96 04 "Medusa Bug"
19-Dec-96 06 "In the Belly of the Beast"
26-Dec-96 09 "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor"
02-Jan-97 10 "The Great Brain Robbery"
09-Jan-97 14 "Infected"
16-Jan-97 16 "When Games Collide"
23-Jan-97 15 "High Code"
30-Jan-97 17 "Bad Bob"
not shown 20 "Nullzilla"
not shown 21 "Gigabyte"
06-Feb-97 22 "Trust No One"    X-Files, 1st time on Claster
13-Feb-97 23 "Web World Wars"  Finale,  1st time on Claster
20-Feb-97 01 "The Tearing"
27-Feb-97 04 "Medusa Bug"
06-Mar-97 06 "In the Belly of the Beast"
13-Mar-97 09 "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor"
20-Mar-97 10 "The Great Brain Robbery"
27-Mar-97 -- pre-empted by Beast Wars
03-Apr-97 -- pre-empted by Beast Wars
10-Apr-97 14 "Infected"
17-Apr-97 16 "When Games Collide"
24-Apr-97 15 "High Code"
01-May-97 17 "Bad Bob"
08-May-97 -- pre-empted by Beast Wars (no "Nulzilla")
15-May-97 -- pre-empted by Beast Wars (no "Gigabyte")
22-May-97 22 "Trust No One"
29-May-97 23 "Web World Wars"
05-Jun-97 01 "The Tearing"
12-Jun-97 04 "Medusa Bug"
19-Jun-97 06 "In the Belly of the Beast"
26-Jun-97 09 "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor"
03-Jul-97 10 "The Great Brain Robbery"
10-Jul-97 14 "Infected"
17-Jul-97 16 "When Games Collide"
24-Jul-97 15 "High Code"
31-Jul-97 17 "Bad Bob"
07-Aug-97 20 "Nulzilla"
14-Aug-97 21 "Gigabyte"
22-Aug-97 22 "Trust No One"
28-Aug-97 23 "Web World Wars"
04-Sep-97 01 "The Tearing" 3:00pm
11-Sep-97 04 "Medusa Bug"  3:00pm
In October 1997, Claster dropped ReBoot but continued with the second season of Beast Wars on most of the same stations.

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