Advance publicity for the third season
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Comments from Mainframe

The first six episodes have been shown in the UK; Meridian/ITV has the rights to four more with an option to purchase the last six.

Season III was shown in Canada on the YTV network during the 1996-1997 TV season.

Season III was shown in the US on the Cartoon Network in 1999 with reruns in 2001.

The "Special International Animation" issue of "The Hollywood Reporter" was on the newsstands for the entire month of October, 1996.

The cover is mostly black with red and yellow letters, has a subtitle of "MIPCOM SPECIAL ISSUE", and a picture of a mummy baring its teeth.

The large image on the left came straight from the Publicity Department of Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
The smaller GIFs (and the JPGs they link to) came from a scan of page S5 of "The Hollywood Reporter".

[Season III poster]

617x356 36K JPG
[Web creatures, bad-Bob/good-Bob, Hex, Megabyte]
[Hack, Mike, grown AndrAIa, little AndrAIa, grown Enzo, Phong, Cecil] [Dot, little Enzo, Mouse, Frisket, Slash]
683x540 63K JPG | 622x594 58K JPG

[grown AndrAIa] [grown Enzo]
360x695 76K JPG | 400x675 66K JPG

Season III episodes

Comments from Mainframe

From: (Mairi Welman)
Subject: Re: Can you sell me Reboot?
Date: 24 Feb 1997 21:33:08 GMT
Organization: Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Message-ID: <>

Regarding all the speculation about season 3 - it IS in production, it looks AM-A-zing (new in-house software developments, shadows, more grown up scripts and storylines etc.) and to-date the most definitive info I have is that it will air in Canada in August and in the US in Sept. with the start of the new TV season. The UK deal is still in negotiations so no time frame on that puppy yet.

Yes, it HAS been a long break between seasons 2 and 3 - but someone was spot on when they posted that we decided to get Beasties/Beast Wars production wrapped before starting on the new ReBoot season. The last ep of BW is being finished right now - and we have several eps of ReBoot already well into production.

YTV has been a HUGE supporter and continues to be so. We enjoy a great relationship with them. So we are sure that the Canadian viewers will see the series. Claster has first refusal rights for distribution of season 3 in the US and they will make a decision when they see the first few eps once they are produced. No worries though, there are plenty of broadcasters interested in distributing the show and it has done very well in the US ratings even in reruns, which always bodes well for future sales. And Claster has been pleased with the show's performance. Hope that sets some minds to rest - but knowing this newsgroup I've only stirred the imaginations to even greater heights! ;-)

Cheers on a sunny, blue-sky, my goodness could it be spring? Vancouver day....

Mairi Welman
Director of Communications

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