The Bad Guys
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The color images on this page are courtesy of some of the fine people at Mainframe Entertainment Inc. Thanks, guys!

The Bad Guys

The bad guys don't help out when the User tasks Mainframe with a game.

Each small image here is a sample of a much larger image. Clicking on them will show much larger JPEG images. Most of them are about 720 x 560 pixels.


[JPG: Megabyte sitting]
Voice: Tony Jay

Big meanie (computer virus) with blue metal skin, a green mouth, and a red Neptune-like crest on his head. He speaks with a mid-Atlantic accent and has several minions at his beck and call. He is often seen as a legless torso sitting at the floating control panel, but he can strap on a pair of legs and go bounding with great speed.

He has two green crescents on his chest, a triangle on his sternum, and four short vertical stripes below the ribcage. His servants are branded with a black square that has the same image; it looks like an un-smiley face.

(The actor who provides Megabyte's voice, Tony Jay, has been seen as Lex Luthor's assistant Nigel St. John on "Lois and Clark".) (He is also doing the voice of Judge Claude Frollo in Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame".)

Viral Binomes

Megabyte's servants have red and green eyes instead of black and white ones, are usually dark blue in color and have the black and green unsmiley face logo.


Nibbles is a Null, a green worm with white markings. It is seen in "The Quick and the Fed" crawling up on Megabyte's shoulder. It turns dark blue when MB got careless and squeezed poor Nibbles. (Nulls in the wild are known to suck up all the energy around them.) Megabyte has a special relationship with Nibbles, which is hinted at in "Nullzilla".

Hack and Slash

[JPG: Hack and Slash]
Voice: Hack: Phil Hayes and Scott McNeil
Voice: Slash: Gary Chalk

A matched pair of bumbling one-wheeled robots, "rolling teapots". Hack is red, Slash is blue. (Even Megabyte has problems remembering which one is which, as mentioned in "Quick and the Fed".) They sound like Gilbert Gottfried and are better at being "yes" men than henchmen. (They have so much weaponry that there wasn't much room left for brains.)


[JPG: Hexadecimal]
Voice: Shirley Millner

Woman who wears tight scarlet clothes and has a white mask for a face. She has a helmet with 5 spikes, making her look a bit like Medusa. She lives on the island of Lost Angles, which is connected to Mainframe by a spooky looking Gilded Gate Bridge.


[JPG: Scuzzy]
Voice: silent

The football shaped critter, Scuzzy, acts like Hexadecimal's familiar, the same way that a black cat is a familiar for a witch. Scuzzy does not speak, but communicates by playing back scenes that it has recorded. (The green dome on top of its head is where the pictures are shown.) In "The Medusa Bug", we see what happens to poor Scuzzy when Hexadecimal gets upset - Scuzzy splits into pieces when it falls through a hole in the floor. (The name is derived from the popular pronunciation of the acronym "SCSI".)

Hi-Res images in JPEG format

You can click on the outlined images above, or on the names below.
720 x 720  86K  Cast: large MB in back, heroes in middle, logo in front
720 x 576  54K  Megabyte with Nibbles
720 x 540  55K  Hack and Slash
700 x 525  32K  Hexadecimal on her throne
720 x 540  38K  Scuzzy in HD's Lair

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