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Game Cube User Identification Page

They say The User lives outside the Net
and inputs Games for pleasure.

Can you identify the User's persona on sight?

In "andrAIa", Bob gives a lecture to the binomes about the different types of game sprites. He uses examples from "A Dungeon Deep", the game in "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor".

There are five subsets; Agressive, Defensives, Passives, Chaotics, and a recent addition, Aritficial Intelligence.

Agressive try to attack the User. Defensives, try to block or delay anything that comes their way. Now Chaotics are the most dangerous. They'll attack anything that moves, User and MainFramer alike. Passives tend to help by revealing information about the Game. And Artificial Intelligence sprites are programed to match changes in the User's playing ability. In other words, they learn and become better opponents. But please remember, treat them ALL as potential threats.

# Episode Game
01 The Tearing Outer space simulation
02 Racing the Clock Multi-level race
03 Quick and the Fed White Knight
04 Medusa Bug none
05 The TIFF Starship Alcatraz
06 In the Belly of the Beast none
07 The Crimson Binome none
08 Enzo the Smart Olympians
09 Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor A Dungeon Deep
10 The Great Brain Robbery (has ended as story opens)
11 Talent Night none from the User
12 Identity Crisis, part 1 Commando
13 Identity Crisis, part 2 Fun House
14 Infected none
15 High Code Wild West Locomotive
16 When Games Collide Tanks + Airplanes, Dinosaurs
17 Bad Bob Mad Max (Road Warrior)
18 Painted Windows none
19 andrAIa Undersea Adventure
20 Nullzilla None.
21 Gigabyte None.
22 Trust No One None.
23 Web World Wars None.
311 To Mend and Defend Evil Dead / Doom
312 Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place Rocky the Rabid Raccoon
313 Firewall James Bond 007
314 Game Over Demon Fighter
321 Icons Mars Attacks / Golden Tooth of Syssop
322 Where No Sprite Has Gone Before None during the episode
323 Number 7 Golf
324 The Episode With No Name None during the episode
331 The Return of the Crimson Binome None.
332 The Edge of Beyond None.
333 Web Riders on the Storm None.
334 Mousetrap None.
341 Megaframe None.
342 Showdown None.
343 System Crash many
344 End Prog ???
401 Daemon Rising Austin Power
402 Cross Nodes Tomb Raiders / The Mummy
403 What's Love Got To Do With It? Wrestling
404 Sacrifice ???

Season I

The Tearing

Outer space simulation In the first game of the episode, Bob is prevented from entering the game cube. This shows what happens when The User wins - the area covered by the game cube is devistated; the buildings are gone and the inhabitants nullified (turned into worm-like slugs).

The second game has an aircraft carrier in outer space.
Bob and Dot: white flight uniforms with gold trim, helmet.
User: red fighter craft (looking vaguely like Luke Skywalker's land speeder in Star Wars). Wide, no tail, outboard engines, gold trim in front. (Turns blue when Megabyte infects it.)
Mainframers: white fighter craft, same shape as the User's.

Take off from an aircraft carrier, fly through an asteroid field of red rocks, destroy space station, head for planet, fly through ice tunnel, first one to portal wins.

Racing the Clock

Multi-level race (Forumla-1 cars, hovercraft, jet planes)
Bob's car is ___?, Enzo's is red and white, the User in a yellow? car. Hovercraft on second level, jet planes [what color?] on final level.

Quick and the Fed

Castles and Knight
Bob is a gold knight on a blue dragon, the User is a white knight on a red dragon. Walking skeleton. Dot is a green knight, Enzo is the damsel in distress. [final knight description?]


Starship Alcatraz
The User is wearing prisoner garb and has a permanent sneer on his block face. Other sprites in the prison are a spider with four legs, a blockhead, and a big hairy fuzzball.

Enzo the Smart

Rampart / Olympians
1st game: Enzo and Dot as Spaniards. User in red coat (Englishman?)
2nd game: Yellow (Bruce Lee), Blue (Grace Jones), Orange (wrestler), Green and Red (brawny women).

Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor

Dungeon Deep
Greek armor, hairy spider, killer carots, water monster, ghost armor, flying eyeball with seven tentacles, Skullipede, shadow monster, zombies.

Season II

Identity Crisis, part 1

Attack helicopter, tank.

Identity Crisis, part 2

Fun House
Bob take a wrong turn, Dot has to fight the User, a grotesque clown. Race on tricycles: the clown knocks over some bowling pins, then releases the giant bowling ball. Dot then has to fill a target with a squirt gun faster than the User can.

High Code

Wild West Locomotive
A run-away train goes through the old West town of Spuzzam. Bob is willing to let the Code Master perish in the game, but has to change plans when Enzo is found tied up in the steam engine. The User is wearing a gambler's outfit but otherwise has the same face as in "Starship Alcatraz".

When Games Collide

Chromebots, Basic Combat, Dinosaurs
1st game: Flying saucer shaped like a Samurai helmet.
2nd game: Army tank. Fighter plane.
3rd game: Fighter plane that flaps its wings. Tyrannosaurous Rex with a Nintendo SuperScope as its head.

Bad Bob

Mad Max (Road Warrior)
Black Formula-1 car.


Undersea Adventure
The user is in a submarine in the shape of a shark and as many lives. Bob and Dot are mermaids; Enzo is the commander of a fish-shaped submarine. One fight has red water and real sharks.

Season III

To Mend and Defend

Evil Dead / Doom
Malicious Corpses = skeletons and zombies from "Evil Dead".
The User has dark hair with a white streak, a shotgun, and a chainsaw in place of his right hand. It's Ash from "Dead Before Dawn" (Evil Dead II).

Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place

Rocky the Rabid Raccoon
Gray raccoon with bloodshot eyeballs (red spirals). It has several lives and gave AndrAIa a big smack.


James Bond 007
1st game: Santa Claus. Enzo and AndrAIa are snowmen.
2nd game: The setting is the boy's room from "An Indian in the Cupboard".
A row of police cars chasing a slow moving white Ford Bronco prevents Enzo and Cyrus from following the User (Penelope Pitstop in a pink car). Then a T. Rex made from wood keeps them at bay. AndrAIa gives chase on a motorcycle, until she is trapped by a Luxo Jr. Cyrus helps Enzo (as 007) get onto the User's airplane.

Game Over

Demon Fighter
During "Mortal Kombat", the User takes the form of a flaming red demon, Zaytan. The other game sprites are the angel Empyrean, a commando Samsara. AndrAIa becomes a multi-armed hindo goddess and Frisket is her tiger. Enzo jumps into the yellow and black fighter Disnia.


Mars Attacks / Golden Tooth of Syssop
1st game: Enzo, AndrAIa and Frisket are all dressed as "Mars Attacks" aliens when they defeat the User in a U.S. Space Shuttle.
2nd game: The group of seven (magnificent) battle a sea monster, a stone gargoyle, and a dog-faced knight in persuit of the Golden Tooth of Syssop.

Number 7

Tiger, Shark, Sombrero.

System Crash

All of the above
The column of images at right are the re-appearances of the game sprites that show up in the second half of "System Crash".

End Prog

not specified
A game cube arrives and the User wins. Which game is not revealed.

Season IV

Daemon Rising

Austin Powers
User ("Morris") vanquished by a gun composed of a "pen" and "lighter".

Cross Nodes

Tomb Raider / The Mummy
Goal is to suck the life out of the other player. Dot wears gold bikini.

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Shows just how much of a beast Matrix is without AndrAIa.



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