People, pets, cars, semi-sentient silicon life forms, etc.
Jun 1981
Joe Smith marries Sally Mitchell in Denver, Colorado.
Oct 1984
Sally met John at Mile Hi Con (Denver + Colorado Springs).
Aug 1983
Chris Hill moves to the SF Bay Area.
Jan 1985
Joe and Sally Smith move to the SF Bay Area.
Jan 1986
Punkin's birthday (assumed).
Jul 1986
"Howling Mad" Murdock born. (Fuzzy orange and white kitten.)
Jan 1987
Murdock moves from Sacramento to Fremont.
Jan 1997
Punkin joins the Hill family.
May 1989
John Snyder moves to the SF Bay Area.
Jul 1990
Chris and John meet. ("Nyssa" and the stage hand.)
Oct 1993
John moves into Chez INWAP, followed by Chris and then Joe and Sally.
Aug 1994
Hot Tub arrives.
Oct 1994
Chris inherits Kit-Kat. John adopts the tuxedo cat.
Jan 1995
2-gig disk moved from Amiga to Sun workstation to bring up PPP. This is the first step of getting the home ethernet connected to the outside world. The idea is to register INWAP.COM or INWAP.ORG.
Mar 1995 created.
Jun 1995
George (blue Geo Prizm) joins the stable.
Jul 1995
Chris and John get married, change name to O'Halloran.
Sep 1995
Geordi (black Geo Prizm) joins the stable.
Jul 1996
Amazing Chez INWAP Backyard Web Camera goes online.
Oct 1996
Dual tuner DirecTV recorder installed.
Dec 1996 created.
Dec 1996
Cable modem installed by TCI on the 13th.
Feb 1997 created.
Mar 1997 registered.
Apr 1997
Ryo-ohki (Geo Metro) joins the stable.
Jun 1997
Entropy-reversal unit installed. (window AC)
Oct 1998
Chris and John find a suitable house to be Chez Tyedye.
Nov 1998
Kit-Kat and Punkin now have two homes to call their own.
Dec 1998
Backyard Web Camera returns (running on a Sun workstation).
Apr 1999
Escrow closes; Joe and Sally now own the house.
Mar 2000 registered.
Aug 2000
Joe and his satellite dish mentioned in newspaper (Argus, Aug 20).
Aug 2000
Murdock passed away.
Jan 2001
New kitten, Naomi (born 10/10/2000) joins the family.
Mar 2001
Semi-static IP address: cable modem's DHCP changes for the first time in 4.25 years.
Mar 2001
Kit-Kat passed away.
Mar 2001
Added 30-hour TiVo PVR (Personal Video Recorder). Discovered AVS Forum and TiVo FAQ.
Aug 2001
Purchased a cheaper (14 hour) TiVo for the family room, then upgraded it to 115 hours.
Dec 2001
Excite@Home pulls the plug. After three days with no cable modem, ATTBI brings up their network.
Dec 2001
Punkin achieved her goal to outlive both other cats.
Jan 2002
Chris and John adopt two orange kittens, Autumn and Rusty.
Nov 2002
HDTV! Rear-projection CRT; requires an external ATSC tuner. (Forced to watch TV in realtime using rabbit ears) :-(
Jul 2003
Ethernet for TiVo; broadband instead of dialup for it.
Jul 2004
Toyota Prius, silver.
Aug 2004
HD TiVo recorder arrives.
Feb 2005
Sally and her TiVo mentioned in newspaper (Argus, Feb 20).
Mar 2005
Switched to AT&T CallVantage (VOIP) for local and long distance phone service.
Jun 2006
Bigscreen TV attracts feral cats, so we put out food for them.
Aug 2006
New kitten, George (born 07/04/2006) brought indoors.
Oct 2006
Cable modem's DHCP changes after being static for 5.5 years. Upgrade HR10 to 500 GB.
Jul 2007
Dual-Tuner TiVo replaces Sally's Sony TiVo on Friday the 13th.
Nov 2007
DirecTV+ DVRs installed, HR21 = HD, R16 = SD.
Dec 2011
Toyota Prius, blue (with reflective gold stipe added) replaces totalled car.